Would you wear it? The Allen Edmonds Chili Line

Speculation, rumor, and a $50 off sale.

Allen Edmonds to kill off their Chili shade on June 30th?

Shown above: The long since discontinued Allen Edmonds Fairfax. Which coincidentally is getting a lot of play today.

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Allen Edmonds Chili Line End Date

Just thought I’d post this since I did not know it until today. I was asking one of the AE customer service folks a few questions and one of them was when the Chili line would no longer be available. The answer was June 30.
– JThomp

Uh oh. Well, hat tip to JThomp for the info. If true, that’d be the saddest demise of a well appreciated red since (spoiler alert) Christina Hendricks got a buckshot haircut in Drive.

I wonder if the customer service rep meant to say that the web gem pricing would expire on the 30th? Because through the end of the month they’re offering five styles in this reddish brown color for $295:

Allen Edmonds Chili Web Gems 295

Regular price on those five models is $345. While not a mind blowing discount, fifty bucks is fifty bucks, and if they’re discontinuing the shade, now might be the time to give this slightly unusual color of leather a good long look.

Maybe they’re killing it off in order to make way for more of their “Bourbon” shade of brown? If that’s the case, the majority would gladly make that trade, since the bourbon shade is a perfect mid point between dark chocolate and the too-light-for-some walnut.

But the Chili is well loved by plenty, (my hand is raised) and it works with light grey suits, navy suits, and it goes especially well with a blue-on-blue jeans and blazer combo.

Sad to see it (potentially) go? Or good riddance to red shoes and bring on the Bourbon?


Would you wear it? The Allen Edmonds "Chili" shade of leather

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Spoke with the representation for Allen Edmonds and… “that rumor is not true.  They have no current plans to discontinue the use of the chili leather, and in fact, some of their top selling shoes are actually those made in that shade. They have been using chili less recently, due to the introduction of other leather shades like bourbon, but they won’t be getting rid of chili anytime soon!”

Sounds like the customer service rep misspoke, but thanks to JThomp for the tip on the web gem sale. Stand by for an in-person review (and hopefully giveaway) of one of these models in chili…