Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale for Men – Further Reductions

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Nordstrom Final Clearance – Summer 2013

That was fast. Usually it takes a couple of weeks for the Half-Yearly sale for men to come to a quiet close. This year it was a week and change.

Once the Half-Yearly sale ends, Nordstrom usually slashes prices further on much of what’s left over. Also, new items seem to appear in the sale section. Sometimes those new editions are 33% off, sometimes 50%. This is a sneaky one. It’s not well publicized, there’s fewer items (and sizes) to pick from… yet it’s still very much worth a look. Shipping and returns are free of course.


Cole Haan Air Madison Single Monk Strap – $123.98 ($248)

The dressed down single monk.

The dressed down single monk.

A less-fortunate man’s Lubbock? Great looking shape and lots of sizes. Should work just as well with all of these outfits over here.


Nordstrom Smartcare Trim Fit Dress Shirt in Stripe or Small Check – $32.49 ($65)

Just a great dress shirt(s)

Terrific for $33

You’re not going to find a better dress shirt in the low $30’s range. Neck & sleeve measurements, good fabric, and great collars. Could be slimmer through the sides and arms, but perfect for wearing under a blazer or suit jacket.


Jack Spade Davis Brief – $159.90 ($325)

None more black.

None more black.

Official briefcase of Spinal Tap’s Management team.


Brooks Bros. Milano Fit Trousers in Oxford Cloth – $49.25 ($98.50)

"Blue" and "Pink Mist." ... Mist?

“Blue” and “Pink Mist.” … Mist?

Now half off. Sizes are starting to get scarce on the blue option. The Milano fit is the trimmest of all Brooks Brothers fits, and is even a little too trim for some. Casual cloth, but not casual thanks to the pressed crease.


Gitman Silk/Cotton Woven Tie – $47.49 ($95)

Not messing with a classic.

Not messing with a classic.

Old school but anything but dusty. 2.5″ means it’ll be too slim for some. Pricey, but they’re made in the USA and the quality is up there. Now half off.


1901 Blue Suede Carson Buck – $66.96 ($99.95)

Lots of bang for a reasonable number of bucks.

Lots of bang for blue suede bucks.

A terrific basic from a younger leaning Nordstrom house brand. Blue suedes can take you very far in the summer. Go sockless and you can even wear em’ with shorts. Tons of sizes. Also available in grey, with limited sizes available.


Tommy Hilfiger 47mm Watch in brown or black – $98.98 ($165)

Just a big on the big side.

Just a bit on the big side.

Lil’ big. BUT. If you’re a bigger guy, or just like a larger watch on your wrist, that’s lots of sporty/industrial/modern looks for a hundred bucks. A warning on Hilfiger watches though… they can look a lot better than they can feel in your hands. Quartz. Ion plated stainless steel case and mineral crystal.


John W. Nordstrom Cotton Sportcoat – $176.98 ($295)

Not navy, but not crazy.

Not navy, but not crazy.

A true blue, summer blazer that’s partially lined. Side vents. From their upper house brand. Does say it’s a classic cut, so know you might have to invest a bit in tailoring.


John Varvatos Star USA Seersucker Sportcoat – $99.49 ($199)

Is it a pirate ship? I can never get these things to work.

Is it a pirate ship? I can never get these things to work.

Cotton, partially lined, and claims a trim fit. But be careful with that length. 28″ length on a 38R. That’s about an inch shorter than a J. Crew Factory Thompson 38R.


Dockers Alpha Khaki – $29.49 ($59)

Dockers Alpha

Slim & trim.

Trim enough that some think they’re too trim, but plenty swear by em’ at the same time. Free shipping & returns might have some on the leaner side taking these for a test drive. Sizes are scattered, but there’s a ton of colors to choose from.


To Boot New York Wingtip – $164.98 ($275) | Varvatos Star USA Wingtip – $98.90 ($198)

The upgraded casual shoe for jeans.

The upgraded casual shoe for jeans.

Both lean silhouette suede wingers that’ll see more use in the fall. That TBNY is pretty sharp, but what’s with the extra burnishing at the toe? Dealbreaker? Made in Italy though. Of course, the ultra cheap alternative would the brown suede wingtip from Claiborne. Currently on sale for $50 at JC Penney.


Brooks Brothers Stripe Canvas Belt – $23.98 ($48.00)

Free shipping is great for a small purchase like this.

Who’s the dummy that put the belt upside down? Oh. Wait.

Medium, Large, and XL are all still available for this blue/green scheme. Red & navy is down to L and XL.


Bonobos Straight Leg Washed Cotton Twill Pants – $43.98 ($88)

The pant that built Bonobos.

Don’t count out those greens

The Bonobos Flagship pant for $44 shipped? Lots of sizes too. Don’t write off those green pants. They actually do real well with a dark polo and white canvas sneakers.


Paul Smith Calfskin Card Case – $63.98 ($160)

Not your average card case.

Not your average card case.

Paul Smith isn’t afraid of a little funkiness. And yeah, $160 as an original price is right. Paul Smith stuff is pricey. Made in Spain. A similar, more solid color case is available over here.


John W. Nordstrom Ethan Loafer – $87.49 ($175)

Made in Italy.

Made in Italy.

Swear… some of you will thank this here website if you take the plunge on a grey suede tassel loafer. A defense for a similar shoe can be found over here. From the upper scale house-brand of Nordstrom. Wear em’ with a navy blazer, white or off-white 5-pockets, a white shirt and a black leather belt / watch. It’s just different enough, and unlike wearing a navy blazer with khakis and boat shoes, you’ll look more like you’re headed to Lake Como, and less like you just walked out of a Golf Course pot luck.


Gitman Silk Knit Tie – $47.49 ($95)

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Expensive even when on sale, but nails it on plenty of fronts. Not a cheap-o tie. You’ll be able to feel the quality with this one. Also available in a green as well as a royal blue. More on-sale Gitman ties can be found over here.


Filson Large Wool Duffel – $398.65 ($595)

Lotta sheep here.

Lotta sheep here.

4186 cubic inches of space puts this thing solidly in the “large” category. Wool exterior. Made in the USA. A ridonkulous splurge. The regular, non-wool version runs $358.

Great call by Ray in the comments with a reminder about Nordstrom’s Sale Adjustment policy: “If an item you have purchased is reduced in price within two weeks of your order date, we will happily adjust the sale price for you. Please note that we can only make one sale adjustment per item and designer goods originally purchased on sale are excluded.” So if you bought something a week or so ago when the Half-Yearly sale launched, and that same item (might have to be the same size/color too?) is now marked down further, you can save a bit of cash if you give them a call. More over here.