Made in the USA and the second coming of Smaug.

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MADE IN THE U.S.A.: The only Kickstarter campaign I have ever contributed to was for Flint & Tinder. I was impressed with their vision, their level of communication throughout the launch process, and most of all, the quality of their product. I am a fan of their 100% made in America underwear. I have made several orders since my original delivery. The tragedy in Bangladesh may have a wee silver lining in that more and more consumers are looking for garments that are, like once upon a time, made here in the states. This, then, can only be considered good news. And it’s not just apparel.

MEANWHILE…in Bangladesh.

I’LL DRINK TO THAT: As is the case with most attention getting “studies” like this, a little perspective and a lot of skepticism is called for. Or, perhaps a hastily called happy hour?


fred taps

INDENTURED SERVITUDE: Have you ever thought that having to work for free as an “intern” was a load of baloney? So does this guy. And he matters.

I STARTED A JOKE…and it led to tackle tightening. I wonder what George Clooney is thinking right about now? Because this right here? Aghast does not begin to describe how I feel about this. And while we’re down there…

SOYLENT GREEN IS NOT PEOPLE: For the life of me I cannot even imagine why someone would want to name their “food of the future” after a notorious product from a 70’s dystopian cult flick. But maybe I’m missing something?

OCHO OH NO: Really? Sigh. Meanwhile, all of you who want to see the Shannon Sharpe Styleometer return, raise your hands.


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