jcp Fall 2013 Preview – They ain’t dead yet!

Whoa. Surprisingly good looks from jcp for fall.

JCPenney: Men’s Fall 2013 Look Book

“We will not go quietly into the night. We will not vanish… without a fight.

We’re going to live on. We’re going to survive.”

President Thomas J. Whitmore

After Ron Johnson was fired and Nick Wooster left the company, plenty of us figured JC Penney would revert stylistically back to those Sears-like looks that had kept us all out of there. Their house brand “jcp” was probably a goner, and their slim fits would balloon back to the “relaxed” fit their aging customer base was used to. It was fun while it lasted, right?

Well… it ain’t over ’till it’s over. And if this fall 2013 lookbook is any indication, maybe it’s not quite over. Yet. Sharp cuts, Harris tweed blazers, mustard color pants, and upgraded casual wear are all over the place inside this thing. Give it a look below. Full retail prices are listed. The months these items should go on sale are in parenthesis.


jcp fall 2013 trio 1

Look 1: Stafford Camelhair Jacket $200 (oct), jcp Blue Gingham Button Down $40 (aug), Stafford Navy & White Dot Tie $30 (aug), jcp Navy Corduroy Pant $44 (sept)

Look 2: jcp Navy Cotton Collegiate Jacket $75 (aug), jcp Gray Rugby Sweater With Navy Stripe $50 (sept), jcp Khaki Signature Chino $44 (aug),  Call It Spring Gray High Top Shoe $55 (Aug)

Look 3: Stafford Merino Wool Flannel Jacket $180 (sept), Stafford Blue & White Check Button Down $30 (aug), Stafford Woven Tie $30 (aug), Levi’s 514 Straight Jean $40 (now), Stafford Black Cap Toe Shoe – $75 (sept)


jcp fall 2013 trio 2

Look 1: Stafford Harris Tweed Plaid Jacket $300 (oct), Stafford Blue & White Check Button Down $30 (aug), Stafford Woven Tie $30 (aug), jcp Mustard Corduroy Pant $44 (sept)

Look 2: jcp Bright Blue Button Down $40 (sept), jcp Gray Slub Sweatshirt $36 (Aug), jcp Navy Signature Chin0 $44 (Aug),  Call It Spring High Top Shoe $55 (aug)

Look 3:  Stafford Harris Tweed Jacket $300 (sept), jcp Gray Merino Wool Cardigan $60 (oct), Stafford Blue & White Striped Button Down $50 (aug), Stafford Gray Wool Pants $120 (aug), Stafford Black Cap Toe Shoe – $75 (sept)


jcp fall 2013 thirt trio

Look 1: Levi’s Denim Jacket $70 (aug), William Rast White Long Sleeve Heritage Oxford $30 (aug), William Rast Green Cargo Pant $35 (aug)

Look 2: jcp Colorblock Parka $120 (aug), jcp Gray Slub Sweatshirt With Navy Stripe $36 (aug), jcp Bright Solid Blue Button Down $40 (sept), Levi’s 511 Slim Jean $40 (now), Call It Spring Gray High Top Shoe $55 (aug)

Look 3: jcp Navy Cotton Collegiate Jacket $75 (aug), jcp Gray Rugby Sweater $50 (sept), jcp Khaki Signature Chino $44 (aug), Call It Spring Gray High Top Shoe $55 (aug)


Immediate Impressions

  • Is this still Wooster? If this is truly post-Wooster goods, and not just the tail end of his influence, then JC Penney hasn’t totally abandoned their better looking, slimmer fitting momentum. Yet.
  • The blazers look incredible.  BUT… if they still have the same shoulder pads and low armholes as the blazers from last fall, they’ll be a disappointment. Here’s to hoping they offer a true slim fit and softer construction for most of these.
  • You ready to play the coupon game? $300 for a blazer is a lot. Especially when the construction probably won’t be anywhere near something that’s at a similar price point from J. Crew or Suitsupply. What sort of discount would you wait for before you jump on any of this stuff? 50% off?

Your turn guys. Thoughts on the collection as a whole? Any item in particular up your alley? And did jcp lose you when they went back to their aggressive coupons + discounts strategy? 

Many thanks to reader Jared G. who stumbled across this look book deep within the bowels of the website, then sent in the style tip.