In Person: The Fashion Anchor

A new way to control collars, plackets, & pocket squares.

The Fashion Anchor: 36 Pack – $9.99 ($14.99)

“Is the pocket square pull akin to the tube top tug?” – @a_mitchell1

He makes a good point. Collars, shirt plackets when tieless, pocket squares, sleeves… to some, no big deal if they shift around. But to others, you want one, two, or all of those things to stay put for the entire day. There’s a new product on the market that claims it can take care of all of that stuff, and while it might not be the be-all-end-all for everyone, it certainly does a terrific job holding a shirt placket together.

It’s called “The Fashion Anchor“, and while some will say these things are nothing more than dime-sized circles of glue, they sure work a lot better than Elmer’s.

It’s an adhesive that’s crazy strong, holds two pieces of fabric to each other all day, and leaves zero gunk or residue when you take it off at night. The creator, Jon, (the guy in the promo video) sent along a press release and I ordered up a batch right away for one purpose: to keep my shirts from drifting too far open. Y’know, when one undone button isn’t enough, yet two undone buttons leaves your hairy chest on display…

Fashion Anchor 1 buttonOne button undone. Can be a little stiff looking, and feeling.


Fashion Anchor 2 buttonsTwo buttons undone. Not awful, but it could easily drift open further, and that’s not good.


Fashion Anchor SheetOne sheet of anchors. 


Fashion Anchor AppliedApplication of the Fashion Anchor. Apologies for the sexy.


Fashion Anchor 1 point 5 buttonsPress the placket to the anchor and… just right.

Tear off an anchor, take the top sheet off, press the exposed side to whatever article of clothing that needs to be controlled, peel the remaining piece of paper off, and press whatever it is you’re anchoring to secure. Been using these to prevent blinding people with my fish-belly white chest for the last few weeks, and they’re terrific. Much more comfortable and effective than the ol’ magnetic buttons trick, which only works on French plackets. That said, I can’t imagine replacing my wurkin stiffs with these for my shirt collars.

They’ve kindly dropped the price for the next 48 hours (instead of doing a code or something for you guys) and with that sale you’re looking at about $0.36 per anchor after shipping ($3). You can try to reuse them, but sometimes (read: often) once you remove the anchor it balls up and isn’t as effective.

They’re strangely strong, they won’t muck up your shirts during the day, and they’ll probably do a bang up job keeping your pocket square from sliding south. That worth thirty-some-cents a piece to you? Leave it all in the comments.