Would you wear it? The needlepoint trend.

What in the name of Grandmama's decor is going on here?

NeedlepointClockwise from top left: Club Monaco – $29.00, Brooks Brothers – $148.50 w/FNFBB6
Brooks Brothers – $51.00 w/FNFBB6, Tucker Blair – $55 (yes, that’s an elephant holding a martini)
Top Photo: Lands’ End – $19.99

Anybody want to take a stab at why a bunch of small accessories and belts from various brands are starting to look like Grandma’s preferred medium for decor?

Pretty sure more than a few of us don’t quite “get” this one.  Has ultra-prep developed into nerd chic which has since mutated into Grammy/Auntie/Mama/Mammy– Mod?

And.  Would you?  In a tiny dose?  Leave it all in the comments.