The Blue Stones, the banana stand and girls on film.

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BANGLADESH: The fallout continues as some of the well known and high profile businesses scramble to save face and make changes to their business models. H&M and Wal-Mart are the latest to announce action plans. But as another plan is developed in Europe in response to the horrendous tragedies, most American companies are opting out. And now, a sneaker factory accident. 

QUICK HITS: Sexy times at the senior center. The sammich no one asked for. And the most Golden Girl ever.

OH HELLS NO: Forget the “man cave” you may or may not have. Some teens are getting their own wing.  And they’re ridiculous.

BEFORE YOU TRY OUT THOSE NEW SWIM TRUNKS: Fifty eight percent.  Fifty. EIGHT. Some of us just can’t bring ourselves to climb into public hot tubs and jacuzzis. It just seems too, uh, people-soup-like.


Netflix. Next week. Awesome.


Dappered faves (and Dappered readers) The Blue Stones have had some good things happen to them of late. Their song, “Make Your Move” was recently featured in Parks & Rec. They are currently on tour – in a sedan, you can peep the dates over here. And, best of all, they’ve served up a new video for their latest single. Congrats guys.



*If you’ve never seen this… (ahem… nsfw)

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