Quick Picks: Amazon’s $20 off $100, $50 off $200 shoe sale

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Use code SHOE2050 for $20 off $100, $50 off $200

Code expires Wednesday 5/22 and works on select styles sold by Amazon.

Ever since Endless bit the dust, it seems like Amazon has been trying to gain ground in the shoe market. So these tiered, select item shoe sales have been happening every once in awhile, but they can be a little confusing.

First, this is a select items sale. So not every pair is up for the code. Applying a code like this to every single pair of shoes sold by Amazon seems like an enormous task.  Also… the shoes have to be sold through Amazon and not a 3rd party. So note that sometimes a shoe will look like the code applies, but if Amazon is out of your size? You’re out of luck when it comes to the code, even if a 3rd party seller has your size in stock.

Returns are free on shoes/clothes sold by Amazon, which makes it awfully nice if you’ve got Prime and can get free 2-day shipping on top of that. Sadly, no Allen Edmonds made it into the selection for this sale.

Cole Haan Air Madison – $198 ($248)

One of CH's best?

One of CH’s best?

A plain, true oxford with a perfect toe shape for just under two hundred bucks. No word on where they’re made (maybe India?) but it sure looks like they’re carrying a stitched welt on them. Available in tan, dark brown, and black. And the black might be the most tempting, if you’re the type who doesn’t wear black shoes that often, so spending a fortune on a pair isn’t in the cards. This way you still get what appears to be solid quality and good comfort in a great looking shoe. Well reviewed both on Amazon and on the CH website. CH website shows the tan with contrast stitching at the welt? But that doesn’t appear to be the case on Amazon. That contrast stitching would dress them down quite a bit.

Meanwhile, if you wanted to go cheaper, for around $100 w/ the code there’s the Air Adams Cap Toe. Careful though, not all sizes/colors are sold by Amazon, so the code won’t work on those that aren’t.


Johnston & Murphy Ellington – $104-ish ($134.95)

Comfy bucks, comfy price.

Comfy bucks, comfy price.

Already on sale for $123-$125 (depending on size/color) and the extra $20 off drops these into the just north of $100 summer casual wheelhouse. J&M knows how to make a comfortable, cemented casual lace up. Sheepskin linings on these things are crazy soft. Also available in white. There is a wingtip version, but the contrast stitching/sole/eyelets are pretty loud and trendy.


Frye “James” Crepe Lace Up – $177.95 ($227.95)

Tough casuals.

Tough casuals.

For the guys who spend the vast majority of time in casual shoes. Frye’s construction won’t let you down. Pricey for a casual lace up, but that crepe sole is something. Available in five colors, with this “whiskey” shade and a darker brown being the best looking by far. Made in Mexico. Also available in Chukka form.


Magnanni Colo – $249.00 ($299)

Aerodynamics by Spain.

Aerodynamics by Spain.

For the guys who think the Kenilworth is a little too conservative. These are about as sleek and sharp as you’ll want to get. Far too modern for some, but nice all the same. Made in Spain, and before you pull the trigger, know that similar shoes to these seem to have a tendency to show up at LastCall or Nordstrom Rack locations for around $200. Also available in black.


Johnston & Murphy Hartley – $134.27 ($164.95)

A budget friendly Kenilworth look a like?

A budget friendly Kenilworth look a like?

For those who LIKE the conservative nature of the Kenilworth, but don’t have three hundred bucks to drop on a pair of plain brown lace ups. Might not look quite right with a super sharp wool suit, but can pull plenty of duty in a more casual realm. Made in China.


Cole Haan Gunnison Driver – $100.83 ($148)

CH's summer hybrid.

CH’s summer hybrid.

Boat Shoe + Driver = The Gunnison. Not everyone’s thing, but they’d do just fine with shorts.


Florsheim Veblen Plain – $143 – $155

Wingless. Coulda called it Icarus.

Wingless. Coulda called them Icarus.

Wait. What? They’re making the Veblen long-wing… without the wing?


Timberland Earthkeepers Boat Shoe – $80.00 ($100)

That nubuck?

That nubuck?

Right at the first threshold. Appears to be a navy nubuck or suede upper?


To Boot New York Aaron Cap Toe – $249 ($299)



If the Strand from Allen Edmonds is a linebacker, then these are a safety or all-pro corner. Faster, lighter, and sleeker. Still strong, but doesn’t have as much of a built-like-a-tank feel. Not everyone is going to love the toe, but it’s like a less chunky version of the AE Rutledge. Also, not everyone is going to like that sole. It’s a bumpy rubber grip pattern instead of smooth leather. Great if you’re on the move quite a bit. Not so great if you want something super sleek. Far from cleats, but… still. Extremely well reviewed on Zappos and Nordstrom. Made in Italy. Also available: The super sleek, Plain Felix Blucher. Same price.

The Amazon code SHOE2050 expires on Wednesday 5/22.