Making the case for these grey suede tassel loafers

In person with this $99.95 loafer from Nordstrom.

Transcript “Slater” Tassel Loafer – $99.95

Many probably recoiled when that main image ^ popped up on the site. But hear them out here, won’t you?

Yep, they are tassel loafers. An automatic no-go for plenty. But these are sleek, slim, downright Italian looking loafers that would work with any number of summer suits (especially seersucker, or navy/fine striped cotton), jeans, and white or off white chinos. Summer brings out lots of khaki suits and brown shoes. Grey loafers gives you the option to cool down the color palate. Switch out the khaki for something that leans more white/blue up top, and these instead of brown or beige down on your feet.

Transcript Suede Tassel LoafersLonger vamp + suede = Not your Grandpa’s dusty tassel loafers.

These are shoes for the guys who won’t wear neon pants, but still want to take a bit of a risk. Also available in tan or navy (that navy has an unfortunate white sole), but it’s this darker grey that really keeps the overall risk low. These are shoes that Toulour might wear. The longer vamp means they’re more dressed up than drivers, but the suede lets you easily wear them with shorts and a button down.

Transcript made in DRFeels like they’re made really well.  Manufactured in the Dominican Republic.

They’re built surprisingly solid for the price. Lighter, but not flimsy. These obviously don’t have a bulky, stitched sole on them, but a fat welt would look out of place. Made in the Dominican Republic, and they were comfortable right out of the box. They are a bit on the narrow side, so the wide-footers might want to stay away.

Transcript Slim SolesThe sole is very slim on these, but they do have some decent cushioning to them.

Nordstrom suggests sizing up (they come in European sizes), but a 44 /10.5 fit my normally 10.5 feet perfectly. A 45/11 slopped around a bit. But since this is Nordstrom, they ship and return free. So if you want to play it extra safe, you could always buy two different sizes, then ship the one that doesn’t fit back.

Or, you could just hate the look of these shoes all together and stick to drivers, boat shoes, and penny loafers.

Thoughts from you guys on these? Still unconvinced? Leave it all in the comments below.

Simple combo for loafers