Is this the summer of “cute”?

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Items above from left: Bonobos Green Gingham Blazer – $298, B.R. Milly Collection Short – $?, Brooks Brothers “Red Fleece” color block polo – $69.50 

What used to be the random sightings of a go-to-hell pattern or color, has since turned into dandy heaven. Or My Little Pony.

Spring/Summer 2013 in men’s clothing has hit warp drive when it comes to cute. Floral patterns. Pastels. Needlepoint and more. Some of this in small doses is no surprise. But a pink floral pattern or a Portlandiaish subtle Bird Print used to be something that was only found at Dress Barn… not on a guy’s shirt. Designers are now layering patterns on top of bright colors. Instead of limiting this tactic to small things like accessories, they’re making big pieces like shirts and jackets in this style.  Some guys are even wearing a few of these pieces at the same time. It’s not just loud, it’s loud².

Do we have Dwyane Wade and Russel Westbrook to blame?

Or thank?

Dwyane Wade, who we all know is a seriously successful guy, can’t even get away with this.

In the not too distant past, if a guy “dared” to wear a pink tie, meat heads in visual range would assume they knew something about Mr Pink’s sexual orientation.

But this isn’t about sexual orientation. Not in the least. This is about being taken seriously. And gay, straight, or somewhere inbetween, can you take someone in a hot pink blazer all-that seriously? Maybe kinda seriously. But really seriously?

What about the wedding guest who shows up to the ceremony wearing a bright bow tie, yellow pants, and a seersucker blazer? Is he really going to get a bridesmaid’s or groomsman’s number dressed like that? What if he strikes up a conversation with some higher-up at a company he respects during the reception? Would he get his business card?

You can look sharp in white pants. You can look sharp in a bow tie. You can look sharp in shoes that are a color other than brown or black. But it’s awfully hard to look sharp if you appear like you just guest starred on Pee Wee’s playhouse.

Thoughts from you guys? Where do you draw the line for yourself? Take one or two “risks” but no more in the same outfit? Or is there really no line at all? Leave it all in the comments.