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TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? We are giving this claim the side eye. It sounds…different. It sounds…too good to be true. It seems…questionably unhygienic. And with delivery not scheduled until basically a year out on top of a ridiculously huge response to their kickstarter campaign, we have to wonder what they’ve gotten themselves into.

CHEERS! Inspiration for the most important feature in your favorite room.

THE TURN AROUND TALES: It would seem that things are going better for J Crew that JC Penney in this department. This is an interesting peek behind the power behind the makeover. Thanks to Eric H for the heads up.

MEANWHILE…Speaking of J.C. Penney. This…

So what they learned is…well,  that’s hard to tell really. They are going back to coupons. But you have to wait for a coupon or a code. And once you get that. you discover the “savings” aren’t worth the trouble. Hard to see the improvement here. And judging by the comments on the video at You Tube, they’re hearing about it. Oy.

MANNERS: Now, more than ever, we need them. In the real world and online. This is a terrific read about where we are as a society and where we just might be headed. Thanks to Joe for this. And thanks to you guys for keeping things civil in the comments. That’s just part of what makes Dappered different.

PROPS AND A CALL TO ACTION: Dappered reader Furious Styles (see his 5 Favorites post here) has stepped up and offered his stylish self as the face of Goodwill in a new contest. Show him your support over here.

THE COLLINS’ EFFECT: If you read only one commentary about current NBA player Jason Collins’ recent announcement that he was gay, make it this one. It’s aces.

INCOMING!  Pacific Rim

Guillermo del Toro is one of my favorite film makers. His movies always look amazing. Pacific Rim, coming July 12th, is no different.



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