Buying Her Lingerie: The Pros and Cons

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I asked all my hot friends who look smoking in underwear (that got your attention, yes?) whether they like getting gifts of negligee from their other halves. Mixed results. Some said yes, some said no. Though I myself am firmly in one camp, I think I understand both sides enough to present the pros and cons to buying your lady love lingerie. Take note.

Buying her lingerie is a great idea:

  • BIG compliment. You just told your woman you find her attractive, you want to have sex with her, and you think she’d look amazing in a garment that renders her half-naked. It’s hard not to feel special after getting that vote of confidence. Especially if you’ve been with your SO for a long time, this can be a sweet reminder to her that she still gets you going. In turn, it’s likely she’ll feel sexier and more adventurous…big bonus for you.
  • Lift to the sex life. If you feel like activities in the bedroom have been a bit stale lately, a lacy nightie could be just the boost you/she needs. Go for something subtly sexy–no need to go nuts (ha! forgive me) with crotchless underwear and leather if you’ve had the same sex life routine for the past ten years. Ease your way into spicier waters.

Buying her lingerie is a terrible idea:

  • Sizing. Some lingerie stores allow returns if the tags are still attached. Some lingerie stores do not, at least not for items that may come into contact with the more, um, delicate areas of a woman’s body. Thus if you botch the sizing, you’re screwed. Also…tread carefully. Buy something too big and she might think you’re saying she has a huge ass. Buy something too small and she might think you’re saying she has a flat chest. Yeah, this is an area where navigating women is no fun for men. Sorry about that.
  • Who’s this gift really for? Some women (yours truly included) aren’t into lingerie as a gift because it doesn’t do anything for us. Lingerie is pretty and frilly and it’s nice to know that someone wants to see us in a see-through teddy, but who really gets to enjoy this show? The dude. As a gift, I’d rather have something I can enjoy, too…or at least wear out in public.

This makes up for when I posted a gif of Channing Tatum’s bare butt, right?


Liona Lace Halter Chemise – $44; Intarsia Deep Plunge Teddy – $32; Crossdye Lace Babydoll – $29

So how do you know which camp your lady falls into? If she buys herself lots of nice underwear and bras, that could be a sign that lingerie is something she’d love. Another sign–she already owns lingerie that she wears on a regular basis. Truly, the easiest way to know is to just buy it for her and see how she reacts. If it’s a dud–or a hit–you’ll know pretty soon. No big deal if she doesn’t love it. Not every gift can be awesome. Want proof? Here’s a list of gifts women I know have received from their significant others…and their relationships survived: a special ironing board for pressing drapes, a small trampoline for exercising, various pieces of hideous jewelry, new tires, and a suitcase.

Men, what’s been your experience buying naughty night-things for your lady?

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