$207 Strands, the $60 summer suit, & more – The Thursday Handful

Five sales heading into the weekend, or a bit earlier.

Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend, or sometimes, a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Expect these things when necessary. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.

Lord & Taylor:  Extra 20% off w/ EXTRA

The Kenilworth, a Bruno Magli, and two Park Ave.

The Kenilworth, a Bruno Magli, and two Park Ave.

The Picks: Allen Edmonds Kenilworth – $177 ($295), Bruno Magli Miaoco in Brown or Black – $255 ($425) Park Ave. – $207 ($345), Park Ave. in Black – $207 ($345),  Strand – $207 ($345), Citizen Blackout Canvas Strap – $112 ($175)

Big thanks to Tim and Mike for sending in the style tips on this one. You’ll need the 20% off code EXTRA, and a solid handful of Allen Edmonds are already marked down to mid $200s. With the code? You get an outstanding price. They are moving fast though. The Kenilworths are labeled as “Brown”, but they sure look like they’re walnut (full review of the brown burnished here). If you’re the type to do the blues with a blazer and jeans… meet your new standout, simple, high quality shoes. WARNING: It looks like the website has transposed the pics for the Strand and Park Ave. in walnut. Many thanks to Andre W. who reported last night on the Dappered FB Page: “talked with their online chat, advising not to order strands or park aves at the time since they aren’t sure which will ship. They are having their IT look at it currently.”

UPDATE:  The AEs are toast… but the Bruno Maglis are still kicking around.


Gilt:  Brooks Brothers Today (5/9) at Noon ET 

Could be great.  Could be the opposite.

Could be great. Could be the opposite.

The Pick: ?

Brooks Brothers has been showing up with more frequency on the flash sale sites recently, and so far so pretty darn good. If memory serves, they were either on HauteLook or Rue La La in the last few weeks, and they were selling really good looking stuff (like their football leather briefcase) and very tempting prices (I think the brief was in the mid to high $200s?). But you just never know with these things. Could be a total dud.

UPDATE:  Twas a total dud.


jcp:  Extra 15% off w/ GOAHEAD

Size Shown: 38R

Size Shown: 38R

The Picks: Claiborne Khaki Cotton Jacket & Matching Pants –  $63.74 ($150), Claiborne Linen Rich Blazer – $54.19 ($85), Stafford Slim Fit Glen Plaid Suit – $144.00 ($180)

One of the seemingly rare exceptions where playing the back to the old ways coupon with JC Penney actually pays off. Seems like most of the time even with a coupon, the prices are higher than what they were under Ron Johnson? This is just dumb for a decent summer suit that you can take to your tailor and have dialed in perfectly. One drawback: The armholes are a little low. Further details over here. UPDATE: Looks like they’re short on sizes for the pants online (not much other than 34 inseam)… Maybe try heading in store for the pants? Haven’t seen this Claiborne “linen rich” blazer in person, but they claim it’s unlined. More on the Glen Plaid suit over here. Anyone else feel like they’re liquidating the Wooster stuff just so they can get back to “normal”?


Sierra Trading Post:  ALHIKE3 = 20% off, ALMAY3 = 25% off $125, 30% off $200

Great looking gunboats.

Great looking gunboats.

The Pick: Florsheim Velben in Brown or Grey – $88.80 ($170)

Many thanks to Adam for sending in the tip. Every so often STP will shoot out an extra 30 – 35% off code to their FB fans… so if you’re patient and like them on FB, you could get these for in the mid $70s (like Adam did). But if you want to jump on them now, ALHIKE3 takes 20% off no minimum. Slim and sleek they ain’t, but as far as well made, casual longwings go, these are tops for a reasonable price.

UPDATE:  Use the code  STMM5213 through 5/10 for 35% off.  Drops the price to $71.50 before taxes and shipping.  Hat tip to Mike in the comments.  ALSO… L.A.B. reports in the comments that these run half a size large.  So be warned.


Original Penguin:  30% off Polos w/ POLOS30

One of the more popular colors this year.

One of the more popular colors this year.

The Picks: The Earl in “Neptune Green Heather” – $20.93 ($59)

The mint green (sorry, Neptune Green Heather) shown here is already on sale, and the extra 30% off code POLOS30 puts it down to $21. Heritage slim fit that fits trim but not super skinny. Awesome retro feel with the piping. It’s a pique, but it has a softer more washed feel. Lots of other colors available, and the code drops those to just north of $40. Free shipping kicks in at $75.

UPDATE:  S, M, and L are sold out in the Neptune Green Heather.

Also worth a mention: J. Crew’s sale section is on sale for an additional 30% off w/ SUNSHINE … but selection has been weak so far this week (that might change). Jackthreads has a good sale on Pro-Keds, specifically the suede Royal Master Lo DK in Navy, Grey, and Olive.  Macy’s launched their latest one day sale on Friday.