What would you pay? The Allen Edmonds Dalton in Chili

Almost $100 off, in a new shade of leather... This hurts.

Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Boot in Chili – $299 ($395)

Dammit Allen Edmonds.  It’s almost May.  This is no time to be tempting a monster splurge on a pair of wingtip boots.

Just added to their 91st anniversary sale, the Allen Edmonds Dalton is about as good as it gets for a wingtip boot. And if memory serves, the Dalton hasn’t been available in their reddish leaning Chili leather (at least not online) up until now.  Leathers available were either the very light walnut, or the deep and dark chocolate calf shades.  Full in person review on those over here.

dalton in chili

Not Bourbon, but the more red-leaning “chili” burnished calf.

Their new “bourbon” leather is probably the perfect, not too light/not too dark brown shade, but this chili option has some real character.  Here’s a few pics of the chili leather on the now discontinued Fairfax wholecut:  In the shadows it leans brown, but when the sun’s on them the red really jumps out.

Even on sale, $300 is a load.  Especially when we’re nearing the time of year when boots are shelved in favor of going sockless with canvas sneakers.  Thinking it’s time to read this thing again.

What would you pay? The Chili Allen Edmonds Dalton

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And speaking of the Stafford Camlin:

CamlinThe Stafford Camlin.  Sixty bucks, and still going strong after 8 months and two coats of black shoe creme.