The Rare Deal: A J. Crew Factory, stackable, “free” Gilt City offer

With the potential to get a wool Thompson for $162?

Gilt City:  Take an Additional 25% off at J. Crew Factory (allegedly doesn’t stack)


Thanks to Jeff L. and a few others who got their codes and sent along an email with not so good news.  Looks like your voucher code does, in fact, go in the promo code box.  So, stacking with another code appears to be a no go.  Which is honestly, a little strange, being that it clearly says: “This 25% off voucher can be used on top of J.Crew Factory’s already existing sales and promotions of up to 50% off.”  What’s a promo code if not a promotion?  Ah well, at least they were free, right?  A general sale might come up in the next week and a half or something.  Who knows.  Wool Thompson’s are still extremely cheap.

Three key factors here:

1.  “This 25% off voucher can be used on top of J.Crew Factory’s already existing sales and promotions of up to 50% off.”  Obviously huge.  If you can stack this with an upcoming code, there’s major potential to snag one of their new summer suits for a song.

2. It costs nothing to get a voucher.  You just “RSVP”. You click a button, Gilt says they’ll send you some sort of voucher number in the next 24 hours.  Assuming it’ll go in the “Gift or Rewards Card” field, which is a separate field from the promo code field.

3. “Valid through Sunday, April 21, 2013, 11:59pm ET.”  So, we’re on a pretty tight clock.  But worse case scenario is that another code fails to come along, and you never use the deal.  If that’s the case?  You’re not out any money.

jcrewfactory gilt city extra off

So what’s the catch?  Doesn’t seem like there really is one, but you do have to have an account with Gilt to access the offer.  Looks like that’s where Gilt is getting some value from all of this… they get your email.  Also, the fine print reads that it can be used with other promotions to get “up to 50% off”.  So if they run a 30% off code, does that mean you can’t use the extra 25% at all?  Since that’d equal 55% off?  Or will they just cap the discount at a maximal of 50% off and leave it there?  (Update:  Math is wrong there.  If it’s a $100 purchase, 100 x .70 = 70 … then 70 x .75 = $52.50. )

When does this offer come down off GiltCity?  And are there an unlimited number of vouchers available?  Word is, there might not be an unlimited number of these.  So… maybe want to hop on this.

J. Crew Factory isn’t running a code right now, but there are heavy reductions on their two wool Thompson suits (they’re separates, so don’t forget the pants), as well as the wool/poly blend Thompson.  The all wool is on sale for $216 right now.  An extra 25% off would drop it to $162.  That’s as good as it gets.  Full review on the all wool from back in July can be found here.

the more things change the more they stay the sameIt’s fused, but for $162?  (Thanks to Ismail and raptorrapture for the style tips)