The Made in the USA Abboud Soft Construction Sport Coat

An in person review with this domestic wool ultra light

 Joseph Abboud Soft Construction Sport Coat – $138.60 w/ APR20PCT ($495)

Abboud bad review

Wrong.  It’s actually a high quality sport coat, but it’s certainly not what the reviewer “raypete” was expecting.  It’s an ultralight.  It’s shirt weight.  There’s hardly any construction to it at all. And for those of us who are tired of stiff, thick shoulder padded, bulky blazers, this American made, barely-there blazer from Joseph Abboud is an awesome step in a better direction.

That said, some are gonna hate it.

J Abboud Ultra LightLonger than most jackets.  Button stance could be lower.

There’s no real shoulder padding to speak of, it’s only lined on the very upper back and sleeves, and the 100% lamswool fabric is lightweight.  So much so that if you hold it up to a bright window, you can clearly see the light shining through.  But when worn it certainly doesn’t look like you’re wearing a shirt cut like a blazer over another shirt.  It just looks like a blazer.

A traditional length combined with a slightly high button stance will make for a bit of an awkward look to some (it’s really not noticeable walking down the street), and the sleeves do have functioning sleeve buttons.  Sleeve length seems average to a touch long, but my hands weren’t drowning in the 38R you see here.  Would it be nice to tailor them up 3/4 of an inch?  Absolutely, but those damn functional sleeve buttons.  From shoulder seam to cuff the sleeves are about 24 1/4″.  That’s a little long, but throughout the day I show plenty of cuff while moving about.  Side vents and patch pockets on this one.

Abboud FunctionalDear Brands: Please, please ease up on the functional buttons.

There’s enough off the rack taper at the waist that I’ve been wearing the grey wool/cashmere blend version($166.60 w/APR20PCT) for months without ever getting it tailored.  These jackets are perfect with jeans, and they’re so comfortable and easy to throw on that you might find yourself wearing one on the weekends.

But then again, if you’re like the reviewer “raypete” and you’re looking for a more traditionally constructed blazer, you’ll be massively disappointed.

Made in the USA.  20% off at Amazon through tomorrow, 5/1, with the code APR20PCT. Code knocks 20% off clothing purchases of $100+ on a vast selection of Amazon sold duds.  Returns free.

Abboud jacket made in the US