Style Scenario: The warm outdoor wedding

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What are you going to wear?  Sometimes there’s an easy answer. Sometimes not. Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. Chances are you’ve got an outdoor wedding on your schedule coming up this summer.  Here’s one suggested combo for looking and staying as cool as possible, while those poor groomsmen boil to death in their rental tuxes at the alter.  Top Photo Credit: Joe Futrelle

First Warm Wedding Style Scenario by Dappered

The Blazer: Bar III half lined cotton blazer – $112.49 w/ FRIEND.  Bar III might be Macy’s most well-executed house brand.  Trim fits, modern style, and unlike INC, not usually over the top.  Looks like this blazer doesn’t have much of a lining either.  Slight peak lapels inject a little bit of dashing without going too wide or goofy.  The f&f code FRIEND is good for 25% off through 4/29.

The Shirt:  B.R. Slim Fit Linen/Cotton Button down in dark blue – $48.65 w/ BRSHOP30.  A light jacket over a dark yet breathable shirt flips the script on the usual navy blazer + white shirt + khaki trousers most dudes default to.  Sorta looks like that chambray shirt w/ a chino suit trend, but not quite there.  55% linen, a solid off the rack fit, and a deep blue that’ll visually anchor your look, preventing it from drifting into Colonel Sanders territory.

The Drink: Club soda with some lime.  Always smart to pace yourself, especially if it’s warm.  Good to have your wits about you when one of the bridesmaids stars making googly eyes in your direction.

The Pocket Square: TheTieBar “Pool Blue” Madras Cotton Pocket Square – $8.00.  Necessary?  Nah.  But good to have on hand somewhere.  Offer it to weeping Aunt Millie.

The Shoes: Mr. B’s for Aldo Illica Loafers – $175.00.  Loafers are huge this year, and a trim tassel loafer like this one is grown up without looking old.  The Mr. B’s line is a step up in quality (some have liked their stuff, some haven’t) and these have major potential to fill a dressed-up but not business-ready part of your wardrobe.

The Sunglasses: AO Original Pilot in Black w/ Bayonette Temples – $36.99.  Made in the USA, and the black frames keep the shine down to a minimum.  Link goes to the 55mm option.  Sold by a 3rd party on Amazon.

The Watch: Bulova Automatic – $225 w/ FRIEND.  One of the rare times Macy’s beats Amazon on the price of a watch. Gotta use the F&F code though.  A rectangular case like this has some Gatsby going for it, but the rest of the outfit is still 21st century.  Cheaper quartz option is here.  And of course, you could always go with a round Timex weekender.

The Card Case: Old Calgary Alpha Card Case in “carbon” – $35.00.  Another new addition to the Old Calgary line up. Looks incredible.  Made in the USA and ships free through Maxton Men.

The Pants:  J. Crew Factory Summer Weight Chino – $38.00.  Straight fit & lightweight.

The Belt: Gap Basic Leather Belt – $20.65  w/ GAP30.  A super shined up suit belt might look a little out of place here. A slightly wider, yet still respectable casual belt works plenty fine.