jcp’s CEO takes a pay cut, Beard Power, and Hell

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Consequences. They happen. JCPenny CEO Ron Johnson is experiencing the unpleasantness of a cheesed-off Board Of Directors who have slashed his salary by 96%. But before you get too bummed out for the man who seems to be making sincere efforts to save the brand, there’s more to the pay cut story than meets the eye-popping percentage.

Spring has sprung, and with it, warmer temperatures and more time out in the sun. This means that guys far and wide are contemplating shaving their winter facial hair or have already sent it packing for the year. However, if you are worried about healthy skin and concerned about the sun’s damaging UV rays, then perhaps you should reconsider putting razor to face. 

We understand you have many choices when you travel. Oh sure, you could hit all the popular tourist destinations from the beaches of Cabo to the European capitals. Or, you could head strait for The Gates Of Hell, and no – we’re not talking about an Ed Hardy boutique. But heads up, when you do hit the not-so-much friendly skies, you might wish you hadn’t hoovered that late night pizza.

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