JC Penney fires Ron Johnson

And 17 months later, they've re-hired the previous CEO.

JC Penney > jcp? | Ron Johnson done as CEO

Is a slow certain death better than a likely quick one, but with the latter you still have a chance to escape the executioner’s ax?

Or is that view, that the classic version of JC Penney will slowly wither and die, completely tainted by the bias of a guy who likes his clothes to fit a little closer and look a little more polished than most?

Ron Johnson is done at JC Penney.  The New CEO is the old CEO, Myron Ullman, who was at the helm from 2004-2011.  So back to the old ways.  Or, maybe not entirely.  Perhaps a few high points from the Ron Johnson period of radical change might end up sticking to JC Penney?  It was, afterall, the XFL that popularized the use of the sky cam during football games.

Well hell.  Now what?


Maybe worth a revisit:

Many thanks to Gravien, Chris L., Jeff H., Bryan S., and all of the others who sent in the tip about the news.

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