J. Crew 25% off… and not just sale items

Suiting is excluded, but a code that works on full price goods?  Nice.

SPRINGBEST = 25% off almost everything at J. Crew

Them fine print exclusions: “Offer not valid on men’s suiting or third-party branded merchandise”… no shock there.

Not to blow too much smoke up their bowery pant clad heinys (heinies?), but the 2013 Store Wars champ even gets sales right.  Unlike their perpetually on sale with-tons-of-exclusions competition, J. Crew runs consistent extra 30% sale items codes, and every once in awhile drops in one of these.  SPRINGBEST works on almost everything… not just sale items, so lack of sizes & color options shouldn’t be an issue.  No, it doesn’t work on suiting (expected… but dammit…).  3rd party merchandise is also excluded.  But 25% off blazers, their own welted shoes, and the rest is a rare deal worth a look.

Unconstructed, washed, Irish-linen Ludlow sportcoat – $163.50 ($218)
Armor against the summer swelter?

Armor for the summer swelter?

The most tempting of the sale.  Made from Baird McNutt Irish linen, this thing appears to be unlined (or, has as little of a lining as possible?  Not sure).  Patch pockets and the washedness (not a word) keep it casual.  One of those things you’d reach for time and time again between now and September.


MacAlister Shoes in Suede – $111 ($148)
Drop top MacAlister.

Made in Italy.

Made in Italy, resoleable, and now another options for sockless casual summer shoes.  Plus, they’ll look terrific with jeans, chinos, cords, no matter the time of year.  Nice work to simply chop these down into shoes from the standard desert boots.  Now, for half that, you could get the two-eyelet Clarks Bushacre Lo via 6pm.  Not sure on the welt though.  Hat tip to John in the comments over here for that tip.


Abingdon Laptop Bag – $73.50 ($98)
One day, a Filson.  After a promotion.

One day, a Filson. After a promotion.

One of the better looking, casual, sub $100 briefcases out there.  But despite the description, “our Abingdon collection focuses heavily on timeless fabrics and made-to-last construction“, many have questioned the durability of J. Crew’s bags in the comments over the last few years.  Yet this one continues to hold up well for me.  Thoughts from you guys?  Seems like it might be a terrific buy if you’re in the under 35K a year camp.  A big step up from a super-cheap Ben Sherman.  It’s casual, but a bit sharper, especially in grey.  Exterior is a waxed canvas.  15″ wide.


Navy Italian Wool Ludlow Blazer w/ Center Vent – $291.00 ($398)
Looks great... even in the snow.

April spending showers bring May credit card bills.

Even with the extra 25% off, this thing is still mega-expensive.  But it’s incredible.  Italian wool is super soft, the arms are nice and trim right out of the box, and it’s a nice blend of traditional and modern (no brass buttons on this one.)  Might want to hold off and hope that these somehow find their way into the sale section, then jump on it if an extra 30% off code appears.


Slim Fit Merino V-Neck – $58.50 ($78)
Only if more retailers offered slim fit sweaters.

Only if more retailers offered slim fit sweaters.

You’re paying for the fit.  It’s an investment, but if you’re usually awash in fabric when wearing sweaters from other brands, then these might be worth a shot.  Still not super skinny though.  Fits my 165-170 frame real well.


Leather Card Case – $22.13 ($29.50)
Real slim.

Real slim.

Super slim.  Put this in one hand, a Saddleback card case in the other, and it’s night and day in terms of heft.  But some prefer featherweight over brick-heavy in their pocket.  The $8.95 flat rate shipping is just a killer here though.


MacAlister Boot – $111.00 ($148)
They've got brown too.

They’ve got brown too.

Don’t underestimate the versatility of grey desert boots.  Made in Italy, that stitched-out welt that can be re-soled, and also available in two shades of brown as well as a navy.


Lightweight Chambray Shirt – $52.13 ($69.50)
Also available in slim fit.

Also available in slim fit.

Like the merino v-necks, these are expensive, but come with some bells and whistles.  Available in slim as well as regular fit, the collar has hidden buttons to keep it from wandering off.  They claim the fabric is ultra-airy as well.  Great color selection.  Might be a good choice if you’re looking to do the high-low chambray shirt + summer suit thing this year.


Kenton Suede Bucks – $148.50 ($198)
Goodyear welt, slimmed down profile.

Goodyear welt, slimmed down profile.

Far from the cheapest bucks on the block, but these have a goodyear welt.  Five color options as well.  Bucks for those in the anti-fused soles camp.  They also claim they’ve slimmed down the silhouette on these, so they won’t be as bulbous as other cheaper bucks.


Bowery Pant in Oxford Cloth – $66.00 ($88)
Nice kicks Mr. model man.

Nice shoes Mr. Model Man.

Summer pants without going full seersucker.  Oxford cloth in the loved-by-many Bowery fit.


Unconstructed Ludlow Sportcoat in Navy fine stripe, or Slate stripe – $141.00 ($188)
"Where have I seen that shirt before?"

“Where have I seen that shirt before?”

Two cotton standbys that sometimes drift into the sale section… but might not for awhile.  Casual, but still sharp.

The 25% off code SPRINGBEST is good clear through Sunday 4/28/13.