How to Spend Your Tax Refund – The Picks

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The $1395 Style Splurge:  Spending half this year’s average Tax Refund

The average refund this year is $2,790.  That’s a lot of money.  Most of us aren’t getting back anywhere near that, but for farts and snickers,  let’s cut half off this year’s average and hypothetically splurge the rest.  Because really, what’s the fun in hypothetical splurging if you can’t do it responsibly?  Who wants to live with all the hypothetical guilt and worry?   Here’s some suggestions on how to burn off that just-under $1400 Uncle Sam sent back your way. Hypothetically.

Tissot Cushion Case Automatic – $525.00
Heriloom looks, no death required.

Heirloom looks.

All class.  As mentioned over here, it’s got a bit of that Gatsby thing going for it, but it’s still modern.  40mm in diameter that seems to hit the sweet spot for most average size wrists.  The case shape is unique, Tissot is a solid make, and this is a watch that seems to have perfected the “stand out quietly” thing.  As of post time, fulfilled by Amazon.  So they handle the shipping plus returns in case it shows up and seems wonky.  Price seems to fluctuate from the mid $400s to the low $500s.  ($870 left)


Woodford Reserve Four Wood – $100.00
Special occasion stuff.  Here's to the regular occurance of special occasions.

Here’s to the regular occurrence of special occasions.

There’s been some mixed reviews out there on this one, but Esquire seems to approve.  Finished in sherry, port, and maple wood barrels after aging in the standard oak.  It’s a bigger, richer version of Woodford.  And that comes at a price.  Nothing says “I gave Uncle Sam a fat 0% interest loan!” quite like a bottle of expensive booze.  Throw a Kentucky Derby Party (they’re the official Bourbon of the race).  The winner of your pool gets a snort of this along with the cash.  ($770 left)


J. Crew Ludlow Suit in Indigo Irish Linen – $456.00
Wrinkles.  So?

Wrinkles. So?

Y’know what no one needs?  Other than a $500 watch and a $100 bottle of bourbon?  A dark linen suit.  Seems contradictory to it’s keep-it-cool purpose.  And that makes it a perfect candidate for a splurge.  Good gracious this thing is fantastic. Picked it up at the end of the summer last year during a 30% off $150+ sale, and it was already marked down in the sale section.  Construction is fantastic.  It breathes extremely well, and while it wrinkles, the shadows caused by the wrinkles show less on the not quite dark navy indigo-blue fabric.  In short, it’s spectacular, and the jacket goes extremely well with jeans.  ($314 left)


Bonobos Straight Leg Travel Jeans in Grey – $98.00
Made in the USA

Made in the USA

A pair of medium to light grey 5-pockets can pull a lot of duty when you don’t want to wear jeans… but you’re addicted to jeans.  Made in the USA from Cone Denim.  99% cotton with a little bit of stretch.  Always waiting for these things to go on sale, but they never seem to.  So, tax-refund splurge it is.  ($216 left)


Cole Haan Air Madison Single Monk in British Tan – $173.60 ($248)
Perfect toe shape.

Perfect toe shape.

30% off, ships and returns free through Nordstrom, and a dynamite light but not pale brown.  Still a little on the pricey side for CH, but they look like they have major potential for chinos, and maybe that linen suit tieless. ($42.40 left)


Chester Mox 101 Slim Vertical Dogleg Wallet in Italian Oxblood – $39.00
Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Horween leather, simple design, and the natural colored thread jumps off the Oxblood shade.  Slim, holds just what you need, and it’s easy in easy out no matter what pocket you’re keeping it in.  ($3.40 left)


Q. Tonic Water – $2.41
Much better than Schwepps.

Much better than Schweppes.

That’s a lot for a little bottle of tonic, but it really is a big step above the syrupy, high-fructose corn syrup standards.  Much less sugar, much more herbal flavors.  Can cost between $1.99 – $2.50 in some speciality food stores.  Let’s just call it $2.41 for the sake of mathematical convenience.  ($0.99 left)


“I got ants in my pants (and I want to dance)” – James Brown – $.99

Seven minutes and twenty six seconds of the Godfather of Soul jamming auditory insects into your trousers causing you to bust a move.  Or at the very least, bob your head to the beat while plugged into your lap top.  ($0.00 left)

Okay fellas… how’d it shake down for you this year?  You getting a little back?  Hit it on the head and you’re even with Uncle Sam?  Getting a big fat refund and have plans for it?  Leave it all in the comments below.