How do I know if I have a cute butt?

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You're hovering a bit there bucko.Ask A Woman: I like cute butts and I cannot lie.

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Hi Beth,

Just curious….How do I know if I have a cute butt? I am finding out that women seem to pay attention to this attribute and I want to know which qualities typically make a butt attractive to you. I exercise regularly and eat well, but I’m not really sure what specific qualities women look for in a guy’s ass. Also, am I allowed to get your opinion of mine without it being broadcast on the entire internet??



Hi Mike,

Let me stop you right there. No. You may not send me a picture of your butt. I’m extending that rule to all readers. No pictures of body parts. I’m flattered that you trust my judgment, Mike, but I don’t want to set a precedent. On to butts…in theory…not in photos.

This is one of those questions that seems to confound some men enough that it gets asked from time to time. I myself am not an ass-woman. I mean, I like good butts, but I don’t seek them out, per say. When women talk about someone having a nice butt, they mean a butt that is shapely. It sticks out from the back and isn’t collapsing into the back of the thigh; it has muscle tone; it’s not too big or too small. Some famous men who have been purported to have ideal behinds are (reader beware, some photos NSFW): Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle, Charlie Hunnam, Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling. Also, Idris Elba. Okay, I couldn’t find a photo to prove that Mr. Elba has a good butt but I know I’ve seen it before. Maybe in my dreams. Swoon.


Enough Christina Hendricks already. Feast your eyes on THAT. (Photo credit)

A less than good butt is flat, or really wide, without out any definition. Plenty of otherwise good-looking men have rear ends that are nothing to call home about. I give you Eric Dane and Orlando Bloom. Universally admired by ladies everywhere, their backs seem to slide right into their butts without any curving or definition.

Lemme tell you something I’ve said many times before here when men write in wanting to know what women are looking for. Women may say they like cute butts. It’s not a deal-breaker though. Think about yourself. Maybe you’re into blondes. The majority of the women you’ve dated have been blonde, and when you see a woman on the street who turns your head, she’s usually got blonde hair.  Then you meet a good-looking brunette with other admirable physical assets. Are you going to say, no thanks, she’s not a blonde? No, you’re going to recognize a good thing and see where it goes. Women are the same.

Although I reference celebrities up top, let’s be clear that these men are models of perfection, right? They have cooks who know how to make non-fat food tasty, personal trainers paid for by the studio for whatever movie they’re currently working on, and it’s also their full-time job to look amazing. This is not a realistic standard for normal people. That said, if there are any fitness professionals reading, perhaps you’d be so kind as to suggest a couple exercises that could help tone and define the glutes, in case Mike (and others) wish to work on this particular area?


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