Washington’s Booze, Hooked on Gucci, and your own damn Island.

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Apparently it’s not enough that the man was the first U.S. President, won the Revolutionary war, and helped found the country… George Washington made his own whiskey too. And pretty soon, you’ll get to buy some of Washington’s Recipe Rye for $95 a bottle.  “Mount Vernon says the rye is the most authentic version of Washington’s whiskey available.”  Gotta pay for that in all singles, right?

It’s no surprise that some of the uber rich are shopaholics.  But the guy who wrote Friday Night Lights spends $20k on a coat and $5K on a pair of pants from the likes of Gucci and Prada?

It wasn’t until the preparation of this story that I actually took a detailed look at the items I have purchased from 2010 through 2012. I was afraid, quite candidly, although a total of a quarter of a million dollars would not have fazed me.

I was somewhat off:


Anyone else feel like this story should have been published on April first?  Insane.  Thanks to Furious Styles for sending in the tip.

Looks like eBay is testing out a new program where sellers can donate a portion of their proceeds to Goodwill.  Yes, they already kind of do that, but there’s a big difference with this pilot program.  Ebay sends you a pre-paid shipping bag, you stuff your no longer wanted items in it, send if off, and eBay takes care of the posting of the items, the sale, and the shipping to the buyer from there.  Brilliant.  It’s currently only available in the San Francisco area.

Hate humans?  Buy your own island.  Deal alert:  This one is “just” $60,000.  Hm.  Tesla S… or Island…  Would love to have to have that be an issue at some point.

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Top Photo Credits:  Jacrews7 and Phuengwan