The Splurge: J. Crew’s 25% off $150+ Sale

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J. Crew 25% off orders of $150+ w/ code LOVEJCREW

The every so often extra 30% off sale items codes that J. Crew throws our way are nice, but size and selection can vary greatly in the sale section.  An extra 25% off orders of $150+ that can be applied to items in sale as well as outside of sale?  That’s a nice deal.  As long as you’ve got a big ticket item in mind.

Before we all go tearing off to the suits, know that this code LOVEJCREW won’t work on those.  But sportcoats and blazers are up for the code.  Meanwhile, Wallace & Barnes stuff is also excluded, as is 3rd party merchandise (so sorry, no heavily discounted Aldens for you… or me).  If you’ve got a tight budget this month (or year, or decade) probably best to just stop reading now.  Or read this first.  Otherwise, proceed with caution and with your balanced and healthy checkbook…

Danner Vertigo Boots – $149.99 ($320)
Hot damn.

The patience paid off.

And to the lurkers go the spoils.  Maybe?  These are in the sale section at and already deeply reduced $199.  A good size range (but not all sizes) at post time.  The details on the code said 3rd party merchandise is excluded, but these are (for now) getting the extra 25% off knocked off, and puts them at $149.99.  Which is a complete steal for these made in the USA boots.  Just under the free shipping at $150 threshold, so… need some shoe laces?


Navy Ludlow Blazer in Super 130s Italian Wool – $291.00 ($388)
Looks great... even in the snow.

You’ll want to wear it everywhere.  But try a coat if it’s raining.

Hardly ever on sale and it’s a huge ticket item for most of us.  But good grief is it ever something else.  The wool is super 130s, so it’s incredibly soft & smooth, and the build of this thing is incredible.  Flexible armor indeed.  Buttons are non-functioning for easy tailoring, and those buttons are brown instead of a shined up gold or brass.  Looks terrific with jeans as well as dressed up.  Slim sleeves  and a pre-suppressed waist off the rack.  Center vent, double vent, or double vent with gold buttons available.


Unconstructed Cotton Ludlow Sportcoat in Slate or Navy Japanese Cotton – $141 ($188)
Year round work horses.

Year round work horses.

Still more expensive than most of the cotton blazers seen over here, but you get that Ludlow lower button stance and a tail that’s not too chopped.  Available in their lighter corded cotton, or a darker subtle thin stripe navy.  A little more rumpled/casual than the cotton Factory Thompson suit jackets, but no where near as casual as say, Target’s Kensington.


Oxford Cloth Sportcoat – $186.00 ($248)
Derby color and weight with woodsy inspiration.

Derby meets the woods.

A little more spring-style flash (can oxford cloth have flash?) than the ludlows seen above.  This one is made from Italian Oxford cloth, but takes plenty of details from sporting/hunting style jackets.  2/3 roll closure, patch pockets, and slightly wider lapels than their standard Ludlow.  Unconstructed.  Fabric is woven in Italy.


J. Crew Kenton Suede Bucks – $148.50 ($198)
Resole when you need to.

Resole when you need to.

Goodyear welted.  Not glued.  The description also says they’ve slimmed down the silhouette just a bit, so you’re not stuck with a bulbous, traditionally shaped buck at the base of your slimmed down pants (sorry… trousers).  A good example of why J. Crew is kicking tail in this business.  Find something people value (welted, not glued shoes) and make them attainable.  Five shades including a perfect medium to light grey.


J. Crew Wedgewood Trench – $163.50 ($218)
Simple but not boring.

Simple but not boring.

For the guys that want a simple looking rain coat, but don’t want all the do-dads and details of a standard belted, epaulettes-on-the-shoulders trench.  Still has button tabs at the wrists though.  Made from a water reistant cotton. Length looks perfect on this one.  Single breasted.


Macalister Brickman Boots in Leather – $126.00 ($168)
Made in Italy.  They look trimmer than Clarks don't they?

Made in Italy. Look a little slimmer than Clarks don’t they?

Made in Italy from Italian leather, these also have a stitched welt so they can be resoled when need be.  Red brick rubber sole and a terrific looking shade of brown leather.  Here’s to hoping they look as good in real life.

The 25% off (or 30% off if you open a credit card… careful with that though) on orders of $150+ code LOVEJCREW expires Monday, 3/25/13.