Target Men’s Wardrobe Sale – Spring 2013

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Target Men’s Sale:  Take 25% off almost everything w/ TGT25MEN

Fresh off their upset win over JC Penney in Store Wars (seriously, could jcp catch a break this year?  Maybe one?), Target has launched their second ever Men’s Wardrobe sale.

Wait, well.  Sorta.  They haven’t really launched it yet.  There’s a three day preview going on right now with the code TGT25MEN, that gets you 25% off most Men’s stuff.  The sale goes live to the public on Sunday.  So it’s a soft opening.  Kinda like a out of town preview only it’s in town.

Free shipping doesn’t kick in until $75, so that could wipe out the savings on plenty of small stuff.  But it can be tough to find some of their items in store.  They’ve also introduced a few new items for spring.  You’ll find first reaction on a couple of those below.

Merona Kensington Unstructured Blazer – $29.99 ($39.99)

Size medium on both of these.

The very casual and very inexpensive favorite of many.  Some frames don’t seem to fit the fit well (super slim types maybe?).  But the medium weight chino is anything but stiff, it’s totally unstructured, and it’s completely unlined.  Light grey and a pinstripe (skip that one) is available as well.  Button stance is right on.

UPDATE:  The navy option is only stocked in size small right now.  Damn.  Thanks to John for noticing that.

97% Cotton Tailored Fit Stretch Poplin Shirt – $18.74 ($24.99)
Untucked to show sides.

Untucked to show sides.

Found these in store under an “Ultimate Dress Shirt” sign.  The fit is a bit slimmer than the standard 60/40 ultimate dress shirt, but the 97% cotton / 3% spandex fabric might not wear as well over time.  Got the feeling that these might wrinkle quite a bit in the wash.  Not the softest cotton either.  Nice sized collar and again, the fit is a bit closer.


Merona Tailored Club Chino Shorts – $18.74 ($24.99)
Shown here in "indigo dot"

Shown here in “indigo polka dot”

For those of us who don’t spend a lot of time in shorts, even when it’s really hot, investing a ton of cash in more than a couple of pairs doesn’t seem like a great idea.  Good thing Merona is making these in a tailored fit in a few different colors and patterns (including the dots shown above as well as a pincord).  Inseam runs on the longer side (say, 9″ or 10″) but didn’t get past my knees (I’m 5’10”).  Super comfortable.  Lightweight but doesn’t feel like they’re going to self destruct any time soon.


Merona Trench Coat – $37.49 ($49.99)
Flasher's everywhere rejoiced.

Anyone find this in store yet?.

Can’t find this thing in store for the life of me.  100% cotton that’s allegedly “water repellent / water resistant”.  Nice above the knee length.  Fingers crossed on this one.


Mossimo Men’s Twill Jean – $18.74 ($24.99)
Mossimo Brown Twill JEan

5-Pockets in a medium brown.

Soft fabric, straight leaning slim fit, and a solid brown that can be worn with almost anything.  Fabric doesn’t feel flimsy and the construction and details (like the chambray lining and pocket interiors) are pretty impressive for the sub $20 price tag.


Mossimo 5-Pocket Twill – $19.99 ($24.99)

Last season’s version. Beware the pocket dip.

A color from last season, but the mustard is a nice way to avoid the standard shade of khaki.  A note about the pockets, they do dip a little low on your backside.


Converse One Star Jacket – $33.74 ($44.99)
Field Jacket with potential.

Field Jacket with potential.

Has a bit of a Barbour and/or Belstaff thing going for it.  Cotton, lots of pockets… cheap.


Mossimo 60/40 Cotton poly blend marled t-shirt – $7.99 (9.99)

Athletic fit.

Here’s to hoping they never do away with these.  No need to size down here since these are their athletic fit cut, which is darn near perfect for most of us.  A great free-shipping-balance-tipper if you need one.


Mossimo Eston Canvas Shoes – $22.99
Good looking, but not the most substantial things.

Good looking, but not the most substantial things.

Doesn’t look like the code works on these.  And wow are they lightweight.  Like, don’t expect any more support than what a flip flop would deliver.  They look better than decent though.  A nice, breathable summer shoe that might make it to fall.  Maybe.  You’d hope.


The disappointment:  Mossimo Athletic Fit Polos – $11.25 ($14.99)
Not as good as the 2011 version.

Not as good as the 2011 version.

After killing off their terrific 60/40 cotton/poly blend polos last summer in favor of a not as good Merona version, Mossimo has come back with two polo options this year.  And both are a pass.  There’s a pique version with a gryphon type logo on the chest (no thanks), and then there’s the striped cotton jersey type shown here.  And the fit is way different than that old 60/40 best bang for your buck polo.  These are MUCH longer in the tail, and a little wider in the body.  Size shown here is Medium.

The 25% off code TGT25MEN is good through Saturday 3/23, and at that point the sale goes live to the general public and runs through April 6th…