Jack Spade Surplus Sale

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Jack Spade Surplus Sale – Prices Expire 3/12

Modern designs that know how to have some fun.  That’d be Jack Spade.  Maybe it’s an unexpected pattern, or a flash of bright color, or a shape that stands out.  Whatever it is, gear from Jack Spade can often have a black sheep type of detail, all without screaming “LOOK AT ME!”.  Just different enough.  But their full retail prices are high.  Sales happen for sure, but their Surplus Sale is when they seem to get as low as they’ll go.

All items are final sale, which stinks, but the vast majority of their inventory would be accessories that aren’t size specific.  For whatever reason, if you try and access the sale through their home page, they might ask you for your email and zip (odd).  Tread carefully though.  Prices are way down, but that lack of an option to send it back is a killer.  On with some picks:

Coated Canvas Sierra Brief – $79.00 ($185)
Durable basic, cheap price.

Durable basic, cheap price.

Basic and straightforward.  Entry level price that’ll look and wear much better than other bags around $80.  Also available in a bright orange or Forest green.


Waxwear Davis Brief in Grey – $165.00 ($375)
Accessible price, terrific looks.

Accessible price, terrific looks.

Just enough polish for a business casual workplace without going over the top.  Grey waxed canvas exterior and bridal leather accents.  Serious without being stuffy, stylish without being trendy.


Myers Double Breasted Top Coat – $279.00 ($695)
Don't do it.  Don't you do it.

Don’t do it. Don’t you do it.

Damn.  So many things about this are saying “don’t buy me.”  It’s final sale so if the fit is off you’re screwed.  It’s out of season and most won’t be able to wear it for months.  And it’s still not cheap by any stretch at almost $300.  But… damn.


Coated Canvas Large Pouch – $29.00 ($75)
16" wide.  Better duds for your laptop?

16″ wide. Better duds for your laptop?

A good example of where Jack Spade excels.  They take an item that most buy at Staples or Office Max, and give it some style.  Then charge the living hell out of you for it.  At least now this large pouch, perfect for protecting your laptop with, is marked down to under $30.  Still more than that neoprene thing you’d get at the office supply store, but looks better.


Waxwear Turnpike Brief – $189.00 ($395)
Blending old and new

Blending old and new

Bit of a throwback style since it’s design is based on an old bank bag.  Starting to inch closer to $200, so while you won’t have tons of bills to stuff in this thing after, it won’t leave you broke either.  Distinctive shape.  Also available in olive in their regular sale section for a few bucks more.  That one is also final sale.


Monza leather credit card holder in red or black – $29.00 ($80)
Pocket sized speed.

Fast looking.  Pocket sized.

The impulse buy.  Even with the $5 ground shipping these are still plenty affordable.  Perforated leather from this series is modeled after the leather steering wheel wraps seen on old sports cars.


Waxed 18 oz Canvas Wing Duffel – $189.00 ($495)
It believes it can fly.  It believes it can touch the sky.

It believes it can fly. It believes it can touch the sky.

Almost 2600 cubic inches of space inside so it’s a good size.  Want something with a more traditional shape, is made in the US, and costs less?  Might wanna check out the Frost River flight bag.


Plaid Bonded Wool Slim Brief – $119.00 ($325)


On second though, can a laptop start to itch and sweat if it’s stuck inside this thing on a 90 degree day?


Herringbone Vertical Flap Wallet – $39.00 ($85)
Cash and cards.

Cash and cards.

Great for stashing inside a blazer or suitjacket, but with more room and versatility than a credit card case.  Suiting material exterior, leather interior, four credit card slots and a money flap.


Rancourt & Co. Suede Boat Shoes in Grey – $129, Navy/Red, or Green – $99.00 ($250)
Made in the USA

Made in the USA

The gem of the sale.  Of course the most versatile/least obnoxious color combo is the most expensive, but if you’re a boat shoe fan and want a pair that’s built to last and made in the USA, they’re worth a look.

Remember, all of the items in their Surplus Sale are final sale and can’t be returned.  Sale ends 3/12/13.