H&M Launching Online, Store Wars, and JCP in The New Yorker

For your weekend reading pleasure.

Word on the street is that H&M is launching an online store this summer (thanks to Adam C. for sending in the style tip). Just as a reference point: Amazon was founded in 1994 … which is 19 years ago. In terms of party etiquette, 19 years is a little more than what most would consider “fashionably late.” We’re looking forward to your arrival at the online shopping party, H&M.  Will it make you a contender in Store Wars next year? Maybe.

Speaking of Store Wars, did you see the Banana Republic confidence? Must be feeling good about last year. Bonobos is confident too. This is going to get interesting. Lands’ End Canvas, the other defending champ, jauntily swaggers in next week.

Meanwhile, guess who else decided to cover the turn-around at JCPenney? The New Yorker. Best quote? This:

[Ron Johnson has] become a living example of one of Warren Buffett’s keenest observations: “When a manager with a reputation for brilliance tackles a business with a reputation for poor fundamental economics, it is the reputation of the business that remains intact.”

Burn. Fingers crossed that they can still turn it around. Just keep the Slim Fit Claiborne suits coming and maybe bring back the Stafford wingtip boots.  And the jcp OCBDs.  Those too.  And maybe the cotton ties and the…

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Yes, that lingerie is from H&M. You cannot buy it online … yet.