5 Things Women Look Forward To About Spring

Beth on dresses to shaving your winter beard to... sweaty pecs?
You're hovering a bit there bucko.Ask A Woman: It’s March! Too soon for Mai Tais and pool parties?

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It’s spring! Put the winter coats away! Get out the sunscreen! Time for grilling out, beer on the deck, wind in my hair, bare feet in the grass!

Did anything happen to the weather where you are? No? Damnit. The power of positive thinking has failed me.  I write this wrapped in a fleecy blanket, two smelly dogs huddled next to me for warmth, from an ice floe where we are desperately hoping for the early arrival of spring. The reality is that we’ll probably endure two to three more dumpings of snow before that happens. To get me through it, I’ve made the definitive list from a woman’s perspective of the 5 things we look forward to about Spring:

1. Baring our legs

Our fearless Dappered leader tells me that men notice  that specific moment in spring when women start appearing out and about in dresses and bare legs. Fellas, women rejoice in that moment as much as men do. All winter long our gams are encased in leggings and jeans and pants. Even when we do wear skirts out in winter, we almost always wear stockings or tights. The first day that we can leave the house in a dress and feel the breeze on our legs is glorious. Also…thanks for noticing, you’re sweet.

2. Shirtless joggers

It’s only 50 degrees out, but the sun is shining brightly, and you’d rather risk hypothermia than heatstroke. Naturally, you take off your shirt to get that afternoon run in. Women driving by might roll their eyes a bit–come on it’s only 50 degrees–but that doesn’t prevent us from enjoying the view. By mid-summer, the sight of a shirtless man hardly provokes comment, but that first handful of joggers and their sweaty pectorals is truly a delight. Plus…heatstroke is a very serious condition. Safety first.

3. Wedding invites… well some of them at least.

What’s this pile of stationary in my mailbox? Ahh, the first round of wedding invitations for the summer months. Depending on what stage you’re at in your life, weddings may fall into one of these three categories: 1) a new, fantastic experience where your old roommate’s parents are footing the bill for you to get as blitzed as you want, or 2) yet another Saturday in summer spoken for, sitting through a two hour church service, with another two hour gap of wasted time, before heading to a reception where you’ll definitely be seated at the loser table because you only know one other couple invited, and you’re pretty sure it’s your turn to be the designated driver, or 3) a pleasant way to spend an afternoon and evening before leaving at a reasonable hour.

spring signs

Spring–there’s something for everyone! (Photo credit.)

4. Cocktails

Does anyone else actually gain weight in the summer, as opposed to the winter? I do. It’s the cocktails. It’s beautiful out, let’s share a bottle of white wine on the deck! Every bar/restaurant we love has opened up their patios for the year, let’s camp out on a Saturday afternoon with friends! The dogs want another walk, let’s take our beers and promenade around the block!

5. Clean-shaven mugs

I know many men who grow facial hair seasonally. It adds a bit of warmth in the winter. But come springtime, many are itching to be fuzz-free, and the ladies welcome it. Though I don’t have a particular preference when it comes to full facial hair versus scruff versus clean-shaven, the appearance of freshly shaven faces in the crowd is a sign that warmer weather is here to stay.


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