Cigars, Yoda, and The Death of Street Style

For your weekend reading (and viewing) pleasure.

If your only memory of smoking cigars includes your eyes stinging from the Swisher Sweet you just set down so you could hit your next shot in Golden Tee during a “quiet” Tuesday night in college (bonus points if you were drinking down one of those big bottles of Newcastle at the time)… then you might want to give this Cigar 101 post from The Effortless Gent a read.

If getting rid of unneeded stuff is front of mind, then take a look at this New York Times piece, “Living With Less. A Lot Less“.  The author makes some great points, yet there are plenty of us in the middle who aren’t hoarders either. Moderation my man.

Almost white pants for the Art of Manliness reader?  (Many thanks to Brett for allowing a little Dappered-dom on his terrific site.)

If they make an Ocean’s 14, it’ll have to take place in Australia.

There are two kinds of people in this world.  Those that crave having a stranger with a camera take their picture on the street, and those of us who’d be hard pressed to not shove that SLR down the guy’s neck.  Garage Magazine cover’s the explosion of the “Street Style” phenomenon in the video below.  Plus, more from Racked here.

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Top Photo Credits:  Cigar Shop – Aoife, Yoda – Kate Haskell