A Tattooed Gosling, Rum, and 20-Somethings

For your weekend reading pleasure.

Dappered Donates is underway, and many thanks to those who have said they’re planning on cleaning out their closets this weekend for the cause.  (That Wenger chrono above is up for bids thanks to BenR).  Not sure if you should put that shirt, shoes, or watch on ebay?  Follow Paul’s guide on How to Purge your Wardrobe.

Beth’s column on being an adult yet living with your parents generated lots of comments this week.  In case you missed it, she linked to a piece from the New York Times titled: “What is it About 20-Somethings?”  Is there a new life stage between adolescence and adulthood?  Lots to agree and disagree upon there.

The follicle juxtaposition is something.

Before you head out to grab a bite this weekend, take a look at The Atlantic’s graph heavy rundown on how Americans spend money on food.

Ryan Gosling uses his motor-vehicle skills to support a love and her child.  Sounds familiar right??

BUT THIS TIME HE RIDES A MOTORCYCLE.  And Bradley Cooper  is chasing him.  The girls want this eye candy.

 This doesn’t look like The Hangover 3, that’s for sure.  Which one will you see?  Both?  Neither?

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