20% off $100+ Select Amazon Shoe Sale

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MARSHOES = 20% off Select Shoe Orders $100+

Ever since the death of Endless, Amazon has stepped it up when it comes to their shoe sales.  These are always “select” item sales (hard to put their entire inventory of a gazillion shoes on sale), and more often than not there’s a must-spend threshold of some kind, but with the brands they carry they’re worth a mention.

This time it’s 20% off purchases of $100+ with the code MARSHOES, and over 1700 shoes are up for the discount. Sort by your size and the brands you’re particular to, and you might stumble across a better than average sale price on a pair you’ve had your eye on for awhile now.  Add on top of that the free and fast shipping if you’ve invested in their Prime service, and it’s liked Endless all over again.

Allen Edmonds Dalton Boot – $285.58 $310.06 ($395)
Behold the Dalton

Best Brogue Boots under three bills.

Already marked down by $40, and the extra 20% off code MARSHOES drops them well under $300.  Still a ton of money to spend, but the Dalton is spectacular.  Full review here.  Meanwhile, the much more dressed up Fifth Street Boot also drops under $300, but just barely, with the code.
UPDATE:  Looks like Amazon moved the price back up to almost full retail late afternoon on 3/19.  That $285 price reflected the on sale (but no longer) price of 


Bass Carlton in brown – $104.00 ($130)
Dressed down, but not out.

Dressed down, but not out.

A little lighter on the feet and a lot lighter on the wallet than the Dalton.  More spring appropriate too.  Full grain upper and those yellow laces that’ll remind you of summer shoes from when you were a kid.  Similar style to the Sebago Beacon and L.L. Bean Ranger Moc.  Very much belongs on this list.


Magnanni Turia Double Monk – $292.00 ($395)
Somehow works.

Somehow works.

Apron toe and split toe stitching doesn’t get a lot of love here because, well, it’s awfully hard to do right without looking frumpy or awkward.  But somehow these nail it (and plenty will disagree).  Unfortunately, $292 is no slouch of a price.  Made in Spain, and these are one of the few models Magnanni is making right now that’s not crazy sharp in the toe.  Nice and rounded on these.  (Sidenote: for those guys out there who just can’t help but correct another when a blucher/derby is mistakenly labeled as an “oxford”?  Check out how Amazon has labelled these.)  Meanwhile, their plain toe double monk has dipped to $26o with the code.


Sebago Docksides – $80.00 ($100)
All aboard.

At the threshold.

The legendary boat shoe in couple standard earth-tone shades, with lots of sizes… on discount.


Florsheim Veblen – $140.00 ($175)
"C6."  "Hit!"  "G2."  "Miss"

“C6.” “Hit!” “G2.” “Miss”

Eight color options on Florsheim’s foot frigates.  Sorta like an air-stream trailer.  Hard to miss shape but has some thickness to its britches at the same time.  UPDATE:  Urban Outfitters has these for $120.  Most sizes + colors available.  Many thanks to Themimbo in the comments!


Allen Edmonds Norwich – $275.96 ($345)
Norwich Single Monk

AE’s plain toe single monk.

Built on their 2 Last, which has an “elongated toe and slightly higher instep.”  Not outrageously elongated though, so those whoa re more conservative in their footwear choices shouldn’t fret much.  Available in Black or Brown.


Allen Edmonds Kenilworth – $235.96 ($295)
The shoe that outshoes most shoes.

The shoe that outshoes most shoes.

A foundation for many a guy’s wardrobe.  Not going to leap up and catch someone’s eye as they speed by, but that’s not what they do.  They don’t shout.  Have a seat and take a look at them and it’s hard not to be impressed with their quality and simplicity.  Highly versatile.  The case for this shoe as a foundation over here.


Magnanni Colo Lace Up – $236.00 ($295)
The WR to the Kenilworth's Running Back.

The WR to the Kenilworth’s Running Back.

The sleeker, elongated, Spanish version of the Kenilworth.  Strongly consider the Kenilworth.


Florsheim Asset Suede Single Monk – $96.00 ($120)
Under $100 suede single monks.

Under $100, would do well with a summer suit.

Most have seen these before.  Still holding up well for me.  Outfit ideas for what to pair these with over here.


Florshem Markham Saddle Oxford – $128.00 ($160)
Not the most flattering angle.

Not the most flattering angle.

Would you wear it?  Are saddle shoes in general just not something you’d wear?  Or would you toss the Urkel stigma aside for certain color combinations?  Seven options available at Amazon.

The 20% off select shoe orders of $100+ code MARSHOES expires on 3/31.  And remember, the shoes have to be sold by Amazon, so if a certain size sells out and a 3rd party seller picks up the slack, the code won’t apply.