10 Best Bets for $75 or Less – Billy Reid, Jack Spade, & More.

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Seventy Five dollars.  That’s a lot of money.  It’ll get you a couple pairs of Levi’s, a nice dinner out, or a couple months at your local gym.  Seventy Five dollars.  It is a lot of money, especially if you spend it right.  Ten picks follow, all for $75 or under, and some of them are much, much less.

1. Billy Reid Jackson Pullover in Navy or Light Grey – $69.00 ($195)
Anything wrong with a little luxury lounging?

Anything wrong with a little luxury lounging?

Slightly fitted, 16 oz terry cotton, and a wool thermal shawl collar.  Buttons are natural horn.  Option number 542 if you’re looking to upgrade from a bulky, University hoodie.  Made in Peru.


2. Club Monaco Pajama Pique Polo – $59.50
A short sleeved splurge?

A short sleeved splurge?

How much is too much for a polo?  Sixty bucks… that’s a ton.  Most of us stick to the $10 – $30 range.  But the design looks to be dead on perfect.  A great mix of retro and modern, clean piped lines, and a spread collar with a bit of a slight curve to the edges.  Waiting on a sale.  Also available in white.


3. Timex T2P034 Ameritus – $43.99 | Timex Ultrasuede – $42.99
New arrivals?  Rare options?

New arrivals? Rare options?

Hat tip to reader LG for sending in the style tip on this duo.  Hard to find either of these anywhere else.  And that Ameritus on the left looks an AWFUL lot like the Timex Andros.  Both claim a 42mm diameter case, so not tiny.  Brass cases on each as well.  40m water resistance on the Ameritus, and a respectable 100m water resistance rating on the unisex ultrasuede slip thru.  Extra details like the stylized second hand on each are greatly appreciated.


4. Vintage French Velo Bag – $29.99
Gams not included.

Gams not included.

If you’re the type who looks forward to keeping the car parked and transitioning to the bike when spring rolls around, you might need something like this to carry a few extra goods with you along the way.  8″x7″x4″ and a nice, small addition to your handlebars.  Could make for a nice addition if you’ve already got something like the Linus Office Bag.


5. Banana Republic Garret Driving Loafer – $76.70 w/ BRSAVINGS ($118)
A nudge over $75, but they ship free.

A nudge over $75, but they ship free.

It’s a better than average 35% off code when it comes to the discount, but the exclusions are numerous (suit jackets, blazers… the usual “aw man” list).  An alternative to boat shoes for spring and summer casual footwear.  Yes, they’ve got the standard heel grip that’s traditional on most drivers, but unlike plenty of other options (looking at you Ralph Lauren) there’s no visible branding there.  Also available in black or a light tan suede.  The navy option might not be a bad play, since plenty of us spend much of summer in earth tone shorts, and this shade of blue is far from retina burning bright.  Again, 35% off is good, but those exclusions are a pain.  Looks like there might be a Friends & Family event coming up though.  See Scott A.’s comment over here.


6. Stanley Classic Flask in Red – $24.00
Subtle it ain't.

Subtle it ain’t.

8 oz of containment slathered in a shade that’s known for either putting out fires or starting them.  Certainly more utilitarian looking than a standard flask, but sleeker at the same time.  Available through the CoolMaterial shop.


7. Jack Spade Made in England Sterling Silver Tie Clip – $34.00 ($85)
Ships free too.

Ships free too.

Timeless, simple look.  Would really like to know the width though.  That and, country of origin seems to have some 1776-style conflict.  (Meanwhile, Jack Spade launched one of their fat “surplus sales” yesterday.  More on that mid-day...)


8. Claiborne Slim Fit Khaki Sportcoat – $70.00 | Matching Pant – $30.00
Further proof of jcp's style switch.

Further proof of jcp’s style switch.

Incredible for the crazy-cheap price.  Not without fault though.  Armholes are a little low and there seems to be some extra room in the chest (size shown is a 38R).  Overall it’s terrific for a hundred bucks.  100% cotton with some poly lining on both the jacket and the straight leaning slim (but not super tapered) pants.  The online description says the pants are poly, but that seems to be inaccurate.  Lapels are slim but not skinny.  Button stance is perfect.  Side vents and nonfunctional buttons at the cuff.  Made in Mexico.


9. Banana Republic Leather Stripe Belt – $32.18 ($49.50)
Code BRSAVINGS expires today, 3/11.

Code BRSAVINGS expires today, 3/11.

Also up for the 35% off discount.  Regular price is $49.50, so even though free shipping kicks in pre code at GAP inc websites, this one doesn’t quite make the $50 threshold.  A leather belt with a striped cotton insert (instead of a cotton belt being fronted by a couple of pieces of leather then the buckle).  Also worth a look from this 35% off sale, the new the new Slim-fit linen cotton button down looks like it has major potential.  UPDATE:  Thanks to Greg in the comments for pointing out that yes, these belts and the shirts are in fact excluded since they’re “BR Picks”.  Fer cryin’ out loud.


10. Ciro Lendini Suede Chelsea Boots – $32.00 ($158)
Made in Italy.  That's $16 per boot.

Made in Italy. That’s $16 per boot.

Apparently, when Yoox wants to clearance something out, they don’t screw around.  Ciro Lendini appears to be a Yoox-only brand that’s on par or even a little better than DSW’s Mercanti Fiorentini.  Solid quality, made in Italy, and while there are some weird designs in their line ups, you do get classics like this every once in awhile.  Recently featured here, and further Ciro Lendini reviews can be found here and here.  Shipping can take awhile, but it looks like as of post time they’re offering free standard shipping on all orders.  UPDATE:  Those went fast.  Only a couple of sizes left.  Started the day with a nice size range.

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