What would you pay? The Swiss Automatic… from Fossil.

Fossil's making swiss autos now.  Got a guess on the price?


Hat tip to Phillip D for the style tip.

How very un-Fossil-like pricing of them.  But this brings up an interesting question:  What’s in a name?  Find some fancy-pants, heritage, luxury watchmaker, and a basic Swiss made automatic is going to cost more through them.  To some, that name gives the piece a boost.  But Fossil?  You see the name Fossil and you expect it to be inexpensive. Accessible.  These things are hundreds more than a Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic.

FOSSIL Swiss Trio

Specs are as follows: 38mm in diameter so on the small side.  Sapphire crystal and an exhibition caseback.  Water resistance is just 50m.  46 hour power reserve.  Movement is a 26 jewel “STP-1-11 Swiss Made Movement“… (?)

They’re also selling a quartz version for… wait for it… $695, and a quartz chrono for $895.  The styling is a big upgrade over the usually chunky, younger leaning styles that Fossil makes (they’ve also had a few slick, vintage-inspired watches in the past), but are these prices in line with what you’d expect?  Or is this sort of like American Eagle cranking out a $700 cashmere topcoat?  Or does it even matter?  This is the very same company who makes watches for Burberry, and some of those are quartz chronos that run two-grand.  Cast your vote & leave your take in the comments below.

What would you pay? The Swiss Made Fossil Automatic

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