Ten stylish picks under $10.00 – February 2013

Benjamins?  Try Hamiltons.  We rollin'.

When did everything get so damn expensive?  It used to be that you could pay full retail for something and not have to promise your first born in exchange.  Although it’s getting a little parched, the well of cheap hasn’t run completely dry quite yet.  Ten picks, each under ten dollars (shipping not included) follow below.  Above Photo Credit

1. Drive on Netflix – $0.00

So it’s not totally free, you have to already have the membership, but it is available for instant streaming.  Head here for how to steal the style, and yes… those boots really were Stacy Adams.  Lotta grime.  Lots.  And check the comments for more.  Terrific suggestions from you guys.


2. Charcoal Cotton Pocket Square: Fifth&Brannan – $15 ($30), TheTieBar – $8.00
But it ships free.

But it ships free.  Made in the USA.

Pocket squares are interesting, economically, because they’re simply squares of fabric.  Which makes it all the more impressive that Fifth&Brannan somehow made a pocket square that feels like it’s worth north of $20.  Really.  And yes, some will understandably disagree, go cut a corner off their bedsheet, and carry on that way.  Meanwhile, it’s on sale for $15 and ships and returns free.  Sees a ton of use personally.  From navy wool suits to cotton blazers to summer suiting.  A cheaper (and under $10) option is available through TheTieBar but shipping is $5.99.

UPDATE:  The Fifth&Brannan option is now sold out, as is it’s lighter grey brother.


3. jcp flat front cords – $10.00 ($30)
Jumping the white pant gun with a fall fabric.

Jumping the white pant gun with a fall fabric.

Got the blahs huh?  Lighten up your wardrobe with some off-white pants in corduroy.  It lets you break free from the dark shades of winter, all without having your legs freeze off.


4. Pilot 90010 Disposable Fountain Pen – $2.53
Well reviewed.

Eat it Dobler.

Perhaps your goal is to one day sign checks with a pen that’s worth more than your first car… but in the meantime, these’ll give you plenty of feel at a dirt cheap price.  4.5/5 stars after 107 people left reviews for this pen.  One.  Hundred.  Seven.  Lots of pen talk.


5. Richer Poorer Pundit Navy Socks – $9.50 ($12)
Richer Poorer

Socks that ship free.

Navy socks.  Always seems like there’s not enough hanging out in the drawer.  A conservative pattern, but the orange helps make them jump.  Shipping at Maxton Men is now free over $25, and $3 for orders under that.


6.  C9 by Champion Sleeveless – $4.98  | Compression Sleeveless Workout T – $7.98
On sale.  Was $10 and $15.

On sale. Normally $10 and $15.

The perfect mid point between the newbiews slogging it out in their all cotton, heavy t-shirts, and the meatheads pounding around in their cut down to spaghetti strap tank tops.  Freedom of movement without looking like you’re there to show off (which you’re not, right?  Please?).  Both are lightweight and the regular sleeveless fits nicely trim. The compression, well… compresses.  A nice extra layer for cool early morning runs.  More on C9 by Champion can be found here from Sabir over at MensStylePro, and the 10 commandments of Gym Style can be found here.  Friggin’ Cologne wearing gym heathens…


7. The Blue Stones – “How’s That Sound?” – Name your Price

The well dressed Windsor Blues-Rock duo of Tarek and Justin get more run on this little website than any other band. And for good auditory and sartorial reasons.  They’ve put their entire second album, “How’s That Sound” up for name-your-price pricing.  Yes, you could get it for free, but something has to put gas in the van when they head out to tour, right?  Also, thanks to Jonathan for the tip about how The Blue Stones and their song “Rolling with the Punches” is in a big CBC (NPR in Canada) new artist contest.  You can vote for em’ once a day.


8. Boxing Flashcard Poster – $9.99
Lil' Mac would be proud.

Lil’ Mac would be proud.

11″ x 14″ fills a space on your wall that’s too big for something small, but too small for something enormous.  Great for fans of The Sweet Science or those who participate in some sort of combat training.  Final sale through JackThreads.  Frame sold separately.  Frame shown was whatever was on sale at Aaron Brothers.


9. Monte Carlo Flask – $9.50 ($15.00)
Funnel included!

Funnel included!

Quite useful for everything from quiet Saturday night walks with the dog, to parent teacher conferences.  Actually, forget the flask for the latter.  Go with a Starbucks cup.  Boom.  Shipping at Maxton Men is now free over $25, and $3 for orders under that.


10. One of these drivers: $10.50 ($20.99 for the pair w/ the extra 40% off)
Slippers... that you can wear outside.

Slippers… that you can wear outside.

CHEATING.  Right.  Fifty cents over the limit plus it’s only one shoe.  But twenty (one) bucks for simple drivers?  Boat Shoe style laces along the sides.  No heel grip.  Crazy cheap.  Might be tossed in a basket in the back of your local AE brick and mortar if you can bring yourself to walk in there and suffer the visual slings and arrows of the teen crowd.  Extra 40% off should happen once you put the shoes in your cart.

Your turn.  What’s your favorite recent ultra cheap purchase?  Keep it around $10, and leave them all below…