Style Scenario: Valentine’s Day – Big night out

Going full movie star on February 14th.

What are you going to wear?  Sometimes there’s an easy answer.  Sometimes not.  Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas.  That’s what these are for.  Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and three scenarios will be tackled before then.  Now for this one, “where’s the color and pattern?” you ask.  Totally fair.  But on Valentine’s Night, if you’re venturing out, try something a little sleeker.  Plenty of guys have a medium or light grey suit, but always play it safe with a white or light blue shirt.  This time, go black.  Works for Clooney, right?


style scenario valentines day big night out


For Her: Tiffany Twist Knot Pendant – $125.00.  Big night = big impact.  That little blue box from Tiffany always delivers.  This necklace is delicate, anything but cheesy, and relatively affordable.  Careful though, if you’re dating and she might be expecting a ring… Skip it.  (Meanwhile, if your date is a him, why not a money clip no one else has?)

The Watch: Tissot Tradition – $321.92 (or, there’s always Orient’s Bambino)

The Shirt: Target Merona Slim Fit Stretch Poplin in Ebony – $22.99

The Collar Support:  Wurkin Stiffs – $20.00 w/ Black Power Buttons – $15.00

The Suit: J. Crew Factory Thompson – $316.00 (but less with sales)

The Belt: Stafford Reversible Gunmetal Brushed Buckle – $20.00

The Shoes: Aston Grey Harper Chukka – $99.95 (sleek w/ grip so you don’t slip.  Splurge?  These.)

Too plain for you?  Or are you a believer in the limited use of a black shirt?  Leave it all below. Top Photo Credit