Style Scenario: Valentine’s Day – Alone. Home. Spitting in Cupid’s eye.

Single & smart > Dating for a dumb reason.

What are you going to wear?  Sometimes there’s an easy answer. Sometimes not. Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for.

Y’know what’s worse than being alone?  Not being able to be alone.  Y’know what’s not bad at all?  Being alone. Because if you’re not okay being by yourself, you’ll never find yourself in a relationship worth being proud of.  So if you’re single this Valentine’s Day, congrats.  Always better to enjoy life solo as opposed to being hitched to someone for the sake of a warm body next to yours.  Because when that happens, 30 years go by and your guts have then become so withered that you’re too scared to escape.  Prost to the proudly single.

vday alone

The Drink: Old Crow – $15.99 / 1.75 L.  As our official Bartender puts it: “You could do worse.  But not by much.”  Yet Old Crow is a drink of choice for our Tech guru Paul who just spent a year on the road living out of a van.  Solid on it’s own but terrific for infusing.  Sad, like all liquor is, when purchased in the larger plastic jug, BUT… not so sad if you’re sticking it in a big swing top jar with the peel of a medium sized orange, 3/4 of a cup of roughly chopped figs, and a tablespoon or two of cloves.  Wait two weeks so the flavors can mingle.  The end result is fantastic.

The Entertainment: Skyfall – $14.99 – $19.99.  Well look what came out this week.  Not romantic.  See 007’s reaction to how the William Tell Scotch scene goes.  Yeah, Vesper died awhile back didn’t she.

The Belt: Wheelman & Co Thomas Belt – $29.00.  L-XL on sale over at Maxton Men if you’re a L-XL.  $19.60 if you use the code 20MORE, which is good through 2/15 for an extra 20% off sale items.

The Pants: GAP Slim Canvas 5-Pocket in Garment Dye Wash – $59.95 (but less w/ sales)

The Shirt: BR Soft Wash 91% Cotton/9% Linen Denim Shirt – $64.50 (but again, less w/ sales)

The Sweater:  Lambswool Button Mockneck – $62.99 w/ STYLE30 ($128)  

The Watch: Timex Expedition Brass Case Chrono – $65.00.  One of the best values in substantial chronos out there.  Has a great weight and good size to it.  Not flimsy in the least.

The Boots: Rancourt & Co Handsewn Chukka in Navy – $134 ($268).  Made in the USA of Horween leather.  On sale through Brooks Brothers.  A cheaper alternative in a standard brown would be these via L.L. Bean Signature.

Power to the proudly single this Valentine’s Day.  And be safe if you’re heading out Thursday.  Top Photo: C. Drumm.