Quick Picks: Worst Banana Republic 40% off sale ever?

Picks minus the exclusions.  So many exclusions.

BRFORTY = 40% off Two Full Priced Items at BananaRepublic.com

Some of the Exclusions you might take interest in:  Monogram, Heritage, Men’s Performance Collection, men’s suit jackets, men’s and women’s blazers, leather apparel, cashmere, men’s Gavin, Dawson & Emerson pants, men’s Digby & Owen shoes.

The code BRFORTY gets you 40% off two full priced items?  Nice!  So a set of their suit separates for… no, wait a minute.  Those are excluded.  Well how about one of their terrific tailored blaz…  Nope.  Those are excluded too.  Well if you hit the sale section you could get something for a song and then…  wait, no, can’t do that either.  Items have to be full priced.  And then you’re limited to just two items for the discount.

For crying out loud Banana Republic.  Enough friggin’ hoops to jump through?

But outerwear is still up for the discount.  As are a few of their shoes and accessories.  Pants Pants that aren’t the Gavin, Dawson, or Emerson chino as well.  Let’s see if we can’t make the most of a big fat sale that on closer examination seems to exclude half the damn inventory.


Vintage Straight Fit 5-Pocket Pant – $47.70 ($79.50)
Also available in a taupe and white.  We ain't to the white yet.

Real impressive.  Just under the free shipping threshold.

Attention jeans addicts.  Here’s an alternative.  5-pocket styling, a great Levi’s 514 (slim straight) type of fit, and the fabric has a bit of a thicker, canvas or denim like weave.  Size shown above is a 32×30.


Essential Belted Trench – $135.00 ($225)
Size Shown: M.  Coulda tightened the belt more in the back.

Size: Medium. Coulda tightened the belt more in the back.

The fit seems to be a little more generous on this spring’s version of BR’s classic trench, but the quality is the best they’ve ever cranked out.  Feels like it should be from their Monogram or Heritage lines.  The color is a little darker in person, but it’s nothing too out of the ordinary.  Exterior is 100% cotton but has a water repellent feel to it.  Construction is outstanding.  Interior detachable vest/lining is partially quilted / part wool.


Luxe Touch Polo – $26.70 ($44.50)

But wondering how they’ll fit this year.

Haven’t gotten hands on or torso in with this season’s Luxe Touch Polo yet.  Worth noting that the description says: “New updated fit: now longer through the body and sleeves.”  So, be careful here.  Sizing down with last year’s version made for a perfect fit for some (see how it did in the Polo Palooza from 2012).  Some have experienced these shrinking in the dryer, while others haven’t had a problem.  Hard not to like the almost glass smooth 100% cotton fabric though.


Soft-Wash Slim Fit Denim Shirt – $38.70 ($64.50)
Deep, dark, with a bit of linen.

Deep, dark, with a bit of linen.

Shirts are where you can make some hay during these tons-of-exclusions sales.  Now under $40, an interesting mix of 91% cotton and 7% linen.  One of those shirts you could use to mix up your summer khaki cotton suit look.  Part of a recent style scenario.


Cotton Cashmere V-Neck Sweater – $35.70 ($59.50)
Size Shown: Medium (coulda sized down)

Also available in navy, charcoal, red, and green.

A new arrival and labeled as a plain ol’ “cotton v-neck pullover” online, but it’s 10% cashmere that you can actually feel.  Most of the time, cotton/cashmere sweaters (from any brand) don’t feel much different from a plain ol’ cotton sweater.  These feel much, much softer, and the collars are nice and substantial.


Canvas Belt – $23.60 ($39.50)
Solids instead of stripes.

Roller dohickey appears to be leather covered.

A new arrival that escaped the exclusions.  Three options for your spring time injection of color needs.


Corbin Sunglasses – $46.80 ($78)

Not bad for $55.

A bit on the larger/thicker side, so not the dressiest, but if you’re looking for a casual pair that still avoids the Oakley look, these will do.  Best for guys with larger heads/faces.  Nice all around shape, and they feel decent in your hands.


Holden Single Monk – $84.00 ($140)
That'll do for $84.

That’ll do for $84.

Entry level monks that keep it subtle thanks to the single strap.  Banana Republic shoes aren’t bulletproof, but they do have some gems here and there.  A few sizes left in tan, but the black might be a better play since the leather is inexpensive.


Dot Cotton Blend Sock – $6.30 ($10.50)
The free shipping tipper.

The free shipping tipper.

The perfect price to add on to a purchase that’s just under the $50 free shipping threshold (like the Corbin Sunglasses or Vintage Straight 5-pocket pant).  Big fan of these socks too.  Much like the nautical stripe socks from last spring, the 74% cotton, 18% poly, 6% nylon and 2% spandex fabric is dressy enough for suits, but has some thickness and cushioning to it too.  That, and they stay locked to your calves all day long.

The (deep breath)… 40% off two full priced items that happen to not be on the long list of exclusions… code BRFORTY expires today, 2/25/13, at 9pm ET.