Painting Kate, Diamonds, and lots of layers.

For your weekend reading pleasure.

It was an Ocean’s kind of week.  Head here for a quick recap on not just the diamond heist that took place at the Brussels Airport (“the team’s in Rotterdam… the bag’s in Brussels!“), but five other robberies of Hollywood proportions.  Meanwhile, there’s some weird timing going on with that Brussels deal.

So you’ve got a brush.  Your canvas is the curves doth not quiteth Kate Upton.  How’d that go for ya?

She wears paint, and she, explains the sequester… with Ryan Gosling?

The Oscars are Sunday.  GQ runs through the worst dressed men at the Oscars… of all time.  The next time you watch Gladiator, think of this when Russel Crowe utters: “At my signal, unleash hell.

Layers of Layers.  The Effortless Gent breaks down the how and why, as does Antonio from Real Men Real Style for the Art of Manliness.  For those of us with shorter attention spans, here’s the quicker Dappered how-to, complete with convoluted Thanksgiving Dinner analogy.

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