Lands’ End & Lands’ End Canvas Friends & Family

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30% off Everything at L.E.C. and Lands’ End w/ BUDDY + 3026

Lands’ End Canvas sorta fell off the radar for a bit there.  The former Store Wars champ ran some solid sales at the end of 2012, but for most of 2013 they’ve been cruising along in whisper mode for plenty of us.  The Spring Line has come out, or at least some of it has come out, but there’s not a ton there quite yet.  Add on top of that the success of JC Penney’s basics like OCBDs and Poplins at a lower price point, and well… whisper mode.

But an extra 30% off everything is worthy of attention.  Even works on winter clearance items.  Code BUDDY and pin 3026 knocks the 30% off and delivers free shipping at $50.  As always, it doesn’t work on their high end 3rd party footwear from Allen Edmonds or Oak Street Bootmakers.  Code expires Tuesday 2/26/13…

L.E.C. Herringbone Club Collar Button Down – $34.30 ($49)
A new take on the layering shirt.

A different take on the button down

Unique without getting too crazy.  Herringbone pattern on a casual button down collar with rounded off club style corners.  One of those Lands’ End Canvas trying-something-different pieces that hits the mark instead of missing.  Also available in an oxford cloth in blue stripe and a solid yellow for a few bucks less.


Tailored Grey Pincord Jacket & Matching Pants – $122.49 total ($350)
A J. Crew Factory Thompson alternative.

The J. Crew Factory Thompson alternative?

In the Lands’ End tailored fit.  Only the sleeves and upper back are lined.  Patch pockets, and instead of the standard summer blue we’re all used to seeing on seersucker, this one has grey on it’s fine stripe pincord fabric.  Dirt cheap.


L.E.C. Lightweight Chambray Shirt – $34.30 ($49)
Less garage, more back yard BBQ.

Less garage, more back yard BBQ.

Unlike a lot of casual chambray shirts that don’t come with either slots for collar stays or a button down collar, this lighter weight version does offer collar control via the buttons.  Rounded off chest pocket.  Should be good for spring and summer layering.


L.E.C. 608 5-Pocket Slim Canvas Pant – $68.60 | 608 Slim Morning Stripe Pant – $68.60
Both new and retail at $90.

Both new and retail at $90.

Both new arrivals and alternatives to denim for those of us who are jeans addicts.  The description is conflicting on the canvas pants.  One part says they’re made in the USA, and another says imported.  Fabric appears to be from Cone Mills.  Not quite jeans, but close.  Meanwhile, the striped pants look office ready only in a dressed down cotton.  Both are in their slimmer 608 fit.  Would have liked to have seen some straight fit 628 options, and you have to think that these prices will start to drop eventually.


L.E.C. 608 Slim Fit 5-Pocket Canvas Pant – $48.30 ($69)
Only available in the slim 608 fit.

The anti-khaki

As long as they’re not too heavy, either of these pairs of canvas pants could be a terrific alternative to chinos in the upcoming warmer months.  Just a bit more relaxed, but the canvas weave should stand out just enough up against a navy cotton chino blazer (like the Thompson, or the various options from jcp).  There’s a big difference between the guy in the oversized, navy blazer and pleated chinos, and a guy in a well tailored navy blazer and a pair of these.  Sure the 5-pocket styling dresses them down, but they’ll look plenty at home during the spring and summer months.


Sportsman Oilcloth Jacket – $76.99 ($249.50)
Water repellent and insulated.

Water repellent and insulated.

More of a fall looking jacket but should do fine in the cooler spring months.  Been getting lots of love over on threads.  Dipped down to the $60s at one point, but $77 seems plenty fair.


Sportsman Insulator Quilted Jacket – $31.49 ($99)
Corduroy along the back collar is a nice touch.

Corduroy along the back collar is a nice touch.

Warmer.  Cheaper.  Quilty…er.


Silk/Linen Wheel Necktie – $20.99 ($50) | Cashmere Dot Knit Tie – $41.99 ($99)

Conservative critter, and luxury knit.

Both from big brother Lands’ End’s site (notice those conservative button down shirt collars).  The Silk Linen Captain’s wheel tie is a more traditional 3.5″ in width, but one of those critter ties that might actually blend in a bit.  Points to LE for the blended fabric too.  Meanwhile, the 2.75″ wide cashmere knit has monster potential.


Tailored Baird McNutt Linen/Cotton Jacket – $104.98 ($300)
The warm weather darkhorse of the sale.

The warm weather darkhorse of the sale.

Styled conservatively on the Lands’ End Site thanks to the creased chinos, braided belt, and wider tie, but is this one a bit of a hidden gem?  With some tailoring maybe?  Who’s got direct experience with Lands’ End Tailored Fit suiting and blazers?  Baird McNutt fabric is usually terrific.  This might be a winner for some after a trip to the tailor.  Maybe.

UPDATE:  Looks like there might be matching pants with this one.  Total for the suit would be $160.28.  Bananas.  And major hat tip to thisfits in the comments for pointing out his review.  


L.E.C. Marled Terry Shawl Collar – $33.58 ($80)
The cream lean.

The cream lean.

A canvas item hidden over on the Lands’ End Site under their canvas clearance section.  Marled french terry fabric, available in the cream or the lighter blue.


Rugby Stripe Socks – $6.98 ($14.00)

Mainly cotton with some synth for stretch.

Ah yes.  Socks.  The free shipping threshold tipper of the online retail world.  And far be it for this website, one that throws more errors (grammatical, mathematical, digestive) out there than most, to point out the errors of another, but the fabric of these is listed as: 87% cotton, 16% poly, 13% nylon, and 1% spandex.  Many have said that Lands’ End customer service gives 110%… and now we know that their socks give 117%.


L.E.C. Slim Fit Cargos – $22.19 ($70)
$70?  No.  Now?  Hm.

$70? No. Now? Hm.

Well.  Would you?


L.E.C. Wool Plaid Bomber – $90.99 ($250)
A little time left to wear it.

A little time left to wear it.

Almost makes you look forward to fall doesn’t it?


L.E.C. Boiled Wool Blazer – $69.99 ($200) | Waxed Cotton Blazer – $69.99 ($250)
Last call for fall texture.

Last call for fall texture.

Two more bits of almost out of season temptation.  Except for that waxed cotton blazer.  Now, months after it debuted to a few raised eyebrows, doesn’t it seem like it might have potential as a piece of spring outwear?  Except for, y’know, if you happen to be wearing a casual blazer.  Then you’ve got layered blazers.  And all hell breaks loose.  Credit to Nick C. for calling the “when it drops in price drastically, we’ll want it.”

Did you forget about L.E.C. and Lands’ End for awhile there?  Or has their presence been consistent on your retail radar?  Leave it all in the comments below.  Code BUDDY and pin 3026 expire on 2/26/13.