K.I.S.S., stealing watches, and a salute to pinups

For your Friday reading pleasure.

Is pattern mashing, texture layering, and that boatload of accessories look starting to wane?  Put this On makes the case for too much being… too much, and hypothesizes on why the over-accessorizing trend caught fire.  (Maybe tribes really are starting to form.)

Meanwhile, for those digging out and/or facing some weather this weekend, stay warm with the Vanities… Vanity Fair’s tribute to the art of the pinup.

You think Linus was good in Ocean’s getting the codes off Terry Benedict?  Kid’s got nothin’ on this guy.  Watch closely at 2:00 for the, well watch for the watch.

Are you a detail-oriented sort?  Yes?  No?  No matter… you’ll be impressed with the extensive methodology that RealMenRealStyle used to rank two hundred and thirty three menswear sites.  #1 is a surprise (and honor).  Hat tip to all of you who absolutely share the win.  RMRS says so.

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