J. Crew Extra 40% off Sale Items

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STYLE40 = 40% off J. Crew.com Sale Items + Free Shipping no min.

UDPATE:  If you’ve been itching for something on the J. Crew Factory site, they’re doing 30% off site wide and free shipping, today (President’s Day 2/18/13) with the code PRESDAY.  Not bad.

And the winter clearance season continues to roll on.  Despite the use of the word “final” in their graphics, the extra 40% off code STYLE40 appears to be working on all sale items on J. Crew’s website, not just those marked final sale (which can’t be returned.)

Meanwhile, if you’ve had your eye on something that’s not on sale but you’ve hesitated because standard shipping under $175 is $8.95, J. Crew is offering free shipping on any order, no minimum.  Just have to pull the trigger by the end of Monday, 2/18/13.

Danner Vertigo Boots – $173.99 ($320)
Hot damn.

Made in the USA.

Ooof.  Been on the radar for quite awhile now.  But some of us who like to get out and hit the trails might already have too many boots on hand.  Incredible looking.  Made in the USA.  Lots of sizes.  Unlined so early spring isn’t that bad of a time to consider investing.  Now almost half off.  Awfully tempting.


Non-Iron Gingham Dress Shirt – $46.80 ($88)
All cotton non iron.

All cotton non iron.

Nice that these ship free.  Lots of sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) at post time and in a standard navy gingham.  Description also seems to imply that these’ll move and feel a little bit better than cheap, scratchy non-iron shirts.


SLIM non iron dress shirts in micro-tattersall or banker stripe – $46.80 ($88)
In the slim fit.

In the slim fit.

And these are available for the same price as the gingham, only in J. Crew’s slim fit.  Zoom in on the micro tattersall in “roasted pepper”… you’ll see that there’s some blue in there.  Also available in a violet bengal stripe.  These shirts are hitting quite a few in the Top 10 Hierarchy.


Ludlow Sportcoat in Khaki Cotton Twill – $94.80 ($158)
And with jeans too.

And with jeans too.

Huh.  It’s not every day that a standard J. Crew item drops below it’s Factory cousin in price (Factory option is labeled as a suit jacket, and this is a sportcoat, but… whatever).  Not available in a more versatile navy color, but if you’re a sportcoat/blazer honk, an option like this is real easy to wear with jeans (or as the J. Crew stylists show here, some off white pants & a blue shirt.)


Cashmere V-Neck in Heather Coffee –$119.99 ($225)
Some of us will stick to Merino.

Some of us will stick to Merino.

Still expensive, but J. Crew Cashmere has a pretty good rep.  A few other colors available, but they’re all bright.  A medium to dark brown like the heather coffee can be a foundation for your sweater collection, if you’re the type to drop this kind of money on cashmere.


“Lagoon Blue” leather card holder – $15.00 ($29.50)
Mug a smurf.

End result from mugging a smurf.

The perfect odd-ball card holder for those of us who prefer to dress in a mainly dark, minimalist style.  One bit of flash every so often, especially at $15 shipped, is a great thing.


Harrington Suede Bucks – $83.99 ($178)
Now more than half off.

Limited sizes available.

Limited sizes and only in this khaki color, but $84 shipped for a spring/summer buck ain’t half bad.


Orange Striped Pocket Tee – $23.90 ($45)
Free shipping helps here.

Free shipping helps here.

Praise be to the pocket tee.  $24 is still pretty expensive for a t-shirt (not quite tricked by bizness levels yet… sorry… obligatory), but the orange stripes and pocket help set it apart from underwear.


Ludlow Sportcoat in Harris Tweed – $316.80 ($548)
3/2 roll and patch pockets.

3/2 roll and patch pockets.

Okay big spender.  That’s a lot for a blazer.  More than half a grand retail is nothing to sneeze at.  Just showed up in their sale section.  3/2 roll for the buttons, and while the description says it’s “bird’s-eye”, it sure looks like a herringbone.  Patch pockets, double vented back, lots of extra details.  About as “sporting” as a sport coat gets.  Still a ton of cash, even on sale.


Alden Shoe Paste Wax – $5.50 
A wax, not a creme.  Three shades.

A wax, not a creme. Three shades.

Well, if they’re gonna offer free shipping.

The Extra 40% off sale items on JCrew.com code STYLE40 expires on Monday, 2/18/13.