Day off and looking ahead

Penalty on the website.  Unabated to the weekend...

above photo credit: Jeramey Jannene

Team Dappered is taking an extra day off to prepare for whatever Shannon Sharpe is going to wear, Jim Nantz’s sensible sweaters (Will he layer?  The game is indoors) and the potential ascension of Ray Lewis directly into heaven.  So for today, this website is 100% Grade-A Flacco.  But here’s what’s on the way for next week:

  • The new jcp line launches today, so, efforting an in-person with the new arrivals.
  • The monthly Most Wanted kicks off the week in rye-tastic fashion.
  • Valentine’s Day is right around the corner… expect a few style scenarios depending on your plans.
  • Back to the mailbag.  Lots to get to.
  • And, living on a budget… of 1500 calories for one day.  Good fit is in part being fit, right?

Here’s to a great game.  And the halftime show.  This Jelly.  Ready for it.

halftime yo