10 Best Bets for $75 or Less – February 2013

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Seventy Five dollars.  That’s a lot of money.  It’ll get you a couple pairs of Levi’s, a nice dinner out, or a couple months at your local gym.  Seventy Five dollars.  It is a lot of money, especially if you spend it right.  Ten picks follow, all for $75 or under, and some of them are much, much less.

1. Giorgio Brutini Double Monk Strap – $67.96 w/ PRESDAY ($84.95)
Cheapest Monks ever?

Cheapest Monks ever?

Good grief those are cheap.   But the Giorgio Brutini brand can have some hits when it comes to ultra-inexpensive footwear.  Sabir from Men’s Style Pro even included a pair of Brutini shoes in his 5 Favorites from awhile back.  Code PRESDAY takes 20% off at ShoeBuy.  Available in tan or black.  Pic via the Giorgio Brutini website.


2. Claiborne Keyhole Sunglasses – $16.00

Cost to potential ratio is nice.

Sixteen bucks.  Inexpensive enough that if you drop them, crush them, or get punched in the face while wearing them, you won’t feel too bad.  Well, you’ll probably feel somewhat bad if you get punched in the face, but otherwise…

Update:  Tread carefully if you’re purchasing online.  Seems like something’s fishy with the color selection options?  Keep an eye out for these in store though.  Thanks to minjin in the comments.


3. jcp Oxford Cloth Button Down Shirt – $25.00
Already a legend.

Already a legend.

It’s back.  Thank goodness.  The new Stafford Prep option just doesn’t fit as well as the jcp OCBD that debuted this past year.  Looks like just four color/pattern options available right now, with the white and standard light blue leading the way, and a couple of striped options offering support.  Hat tip to reader Redford for sending in the notice on these being back up for sale.


4. The Black Keys: Thickfreakness – $11.48
Served Medium Rare.

Unpolished.  And awesome.

Released a decade ago and makes Brothers and El Camino sound too shined up.  Sort of like when an old dilapidated stadium gets torn down, only to have something go up that feels more like an amusement park mixed with an airport gift shop.  You start to miss the corrugated aluminum sided monstrosity you attended as a kid.  Thickfreakness bleeds authenticity.  And fuzzy riffs.  Lots of fuzzy riffs.


5. Pro Keds Royal Master DK in Suede – $44.99$75.00
Grown up approved.

Gym class was always the best.

A little more flash than Jack Purcells.  Suede this time, with the red and blue Pro-Keds stripe at the edge.  Little squishier than Chucks or JPs.  Three colors available on Amazon for the full $75, with JackThreads having limited sizes in a green and navy at a discount.


6. Timex Elevated Classic with white or black dial – $42ish
Classic and clean.

Classic and clean.

Timex has some serious Rolex Oyster envy.  Brass case, inexpensive, and simple.  If you’re into smaller watches, would probably look terrific on a leather band as well.  Put a croc strap on there and you’re getting awfully close to the $195 Timex 1600 through J. Crew.  A warning though: like other Timex watches, this thing apparently ticks pretty loud.  So for those who are susceptible to that kind of annoyance, you’ve been warned.


7. Inception – $1.99 – $14.78

One of those movies that’s great to have on hand for watching over and over again, a little at a time.  You’ll notice something different with each viewing.  Would be terrific if it’d be available for instant streaming on either Netflix or w/ Amazon Prime, but for two bucks you can rent it, $5 you can own the DVD, and $15 the Blue Ray.  Meanwhile, if you’re looking for some lyric-less music to listen to at work that won’t put you to sleep, the Inception station on Pandora can be awfully good.


8. Brooks Brothers Ribbon Belt – $24.00 ($48)
Color without being obnoxious

Color without being obnoxious

Part of their President’s Day Weekend clearance.  The risk with these types of ribbon style belts is… what if it shows up and it doesn’t grip?  It’s no fun tightening and re-tightening your belt all day.  But if it holds as it should, it’s a great price (even with the usual Brooks Brothers steep shipping) for a terrific looking belt.


9. Brooks Brothers Extra-Slim Fit Chambray Irish Linen Sport Shirt – $49.25 ($98.50)
Summer staples.

Summer staples.

Also from the President’s Day weekend clearance.  Perfect for those sweltering hot summer weddings, or, just another way to work in some texture into a layered up outfit now.  All Irish linen.  Large and XL available for the blue, and Medium, Large, and XL in the white at post time.


10. jcp Cotton Blazer – $75.00
In-house competition?

In-house competition?

Is JCPenney competing with itself?  Their Stafford Prep navy cotton blazer is decent, but this one might be superior thanks to more exact sizing.  Chest sizes 36 all the way up to 46 available online.  Haven’t seen one in person yet, and here’s to hoping the model is tall and lanky.  Because if he’s not, those arms and potentially tail are going to be short.

For other best bets under $75 from previous months, click here.