Win it: Bespoke Post’s “Polished” Box

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Bespoke Post January 2013: “Polished” – $45.00

For $45 per box, Bespoke Post will deliver to your door a “box of awesome” once a month.  Inside you’ll find hand selected items curated for a guy like you.  You can skip any box you want or cancel at any time.  Click here for more.

Taking care of your shoes is a little like taking care of your skin.  Some guys are really into it.  And then there are those of us who throw a little goop on there every once in awhile and call it good.  If you’re the latter*, the Bespoke Post box for this month might not be that intriguing.  Same goes for those who already have an established collection of tools and goop creme or polish for their shoes.

But if you’re just starting out, or, you’re looking to upgrade from an old dime-store Kiwi shoe shine kit, then this setup might be a terrific value.

Bespoke Polished ContentsCatapulting your shoe shine routine to the next level.

Saphir is awfully well respected (Meltonian man myself), and their “Renovateur” leather treatment usually runs about $20 a jar on its own.  You also get a jar of their black and brown shoe creme, neutral wax, a brush that really does fit in your hand nicely, a couple of dauber brushes to get the goop on your shoes, navy and red shoelaces, and a crazy-soft dust bag for a pair of your shoes that might not otherwise have one.

Could you assemble a similar kit for the same price?  Maybe, but it wouldn’t be Saphir’s high quality level stuff.  The level of interest one would have for this box depends on whether or not you’re the type to use not just creme, but the leather treatment and wax every so often (creme = has pigments and offers some shine, leather treatment = conditions/cleans, wax = higher shine and adds a level of protection).  If you’re into giving your shoes the full treatment, then this is a yes.  Throw in the sweet cigar box you might get as nifty packaging/storage (nice work by the Bespoke Post design team) and you’ve got a far more luxurious kit than most of us started out with.

*(full honesty: as a creme-polish-every-once-in-awhile-and-that’s-it guy, I didn’t have the highest hopes for this box, but, I was pretty impressed when it showed.)

Enter here to win Bespoke Post’s “Polished” Box. One entry per person. Deadline for entry is 11:59 pm ET on 1/29/12.

UPDATE:  Congrats to Nicholas F. who won this month’s Box of Awesome from Bespoke Post! 

Polished bag and brush