The Suggestion: Seiko… bring back the SNZJ5

A tribute to the discontinued and now tough to find.

Seiko SNZJ5 Stainless Black Dial – $145 – $150 USED*

*Sourced from Amazon’s “Warehouse Deals “.  Two available, package is damaged on both and manuals are missing according to Amazon.  Never ordered from their “Warehouse Deals” side before.  Thoughts?

With all those simple indices/minute markers, the Seiko SNZJ5 series is a bit like a poor man’s Omega Speedmaster Professional (well, a little).  And unfortunately, they’re long gone.  They’ve been gone for more than a year.  Consider this a formal request for Seiko to bring these things back.

Powered by one of Seiko’s dependable automatic movements, these things came in a black dial (shown) or a long since sold out white dial that looked incredible on a leather band.  For stainless band fans, the links that it comes with are perfect.  The shine is low, and the width of the links is nice and big.  Meaning = it looks more like the tough time piece that it is and less like a dainty item of man jewelry.

Seiko SNZJ5Comes with a stainless steel band, which has been swapped here for a Maratac Silicone w/clasp.

Seiko SNZJ5 Flip SideExhibition caseback shows off the affordable, dependable, automatic movement.

And speaking of dainty… it’s not.  42.5mm in diameter, which is perfect for those of us who like a watch with some size but nothing incredibly overwhelming.  The two crowns are placed at unusual locations (9 and 4 o’clock) but somehow they add balance to the look of the thing.  The major drawback is that crown at 9.  It controls the inner bezel, but it’s so touchy that if your shirt cuff or skin happens to brush against it, the bezel will probably move on you.  But that lack of an exterior, rotating bezel means it sits a bit flatter on your wrist.  For a larger watch it’s oddly streamlined.

When they were still around they seemed to run in the low to high $100s.  A total steal.  Yes, there are some great alternatives available right now…

…but none of those are quite the same (smaller, bright colors, sits differently on the wrist, etc…).  While certainly not for everyone, the SNZJ5’s slightly different yet quiet looks, dynamite price, and dependable movement must have appealed to at least a good chunk of the watch buying public.  They sold out afterall.

Seiko SNZJ5 and NotesTo the moon Alice!  Or hell, maybe just the grocery store.