The Friday Handful – 1/4/13

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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend, or sometimes, a bit earlier.  Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look.  Those are what make up these handfuls.  Expect these things when necessary.  Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below.  Included are a few picks worth pointing out.

Johnston & Murphy: Winter Sale
Cha ching.

Current balance = leather.

The Pick: Letson Wholecut – $159.99 ($185)

Part of the best looking dress shoes under $200 list, and now the Mahogany calfskin is on sale.  $160 is no tiny price for a bonded shoe, but they’re something else.  One, sleek piece of leather stitched only at the heel, and a medallion at the toe.  Not for everyone, but if you’re into the real sleek look, then these are worth a look.


Banana Republic: 40% off a full priced items w/ coupon
The coupon

Left: The coupons.  Right: The new blazer.

The Pick: BR Tailored fit birdseye navy blazer – $135 w/ 40% off coupon ($225)

You have to use these little coupons on a Wednesday, and some stores been handing these out with in-store purchases as of late.  Might be worthwhile to drop in and buy a pair of their pima cotton socks in an attempt (attempt) to snag one of these coupon cards.  Hat tip to Bryan Z who sent in the style tip about these.  You fork over one of the coupons on a Wednesday in January, and you get one full priced item for 40% off.  Thinking their new birdseye blazer is well worth the shot.  It appears a bit lighter in the product-specific photos than some of their other images (like the one above)… so… efforting an in person to see what’s more accurate.  Many thanks to BJ who suggested that particular blazer over here.

UPDATE:  Looks like you might not get this coupon card if you buy something this weekend.  See BJ’s comment below.   Thanks again to Bryan Z for sending in the tip about the cards.  Still worth keeping an eye out for that blazer.

UPDATE #2:  Donut reports in the comments that one of the restrictions on these guys is “men’s blazers”.  That’s disappointing if true.  They might exclude heritage and or suits from time to time, but blazers?  Damn.  


Park & Bond: Further Reductions
PandB Handful

Sizes are starting to move quick.

The Picks: Spiewak & Sons Block Island Jacket – $87.00, Red Wing Moc Toe work boot in black – $120 or Olive – $120, Jack Spade Card Case – $35

Is the canary in Park & Bond’s coal mine starting to look woozy?  The prices on the Red Wings have plummeted.  Not a bad time to jump over to their sale section and check it out.


L.L. Bean Signature: Winter Sale
This one also gets a lot of play.

A site favorite.

The Picks: Searsport Flannel Suit Jacket + Pant – $260 total

You’ve seen these before.  For those bitter cold areas that are seeing temps dip into the single digits or worse.  It’s thick, it’s got a little scratch to it, and if you layer a sweater underneath you’ll be toasty in almost any conditions.  The sleeve buttons DO function, and they’re a pain since the arms run long.  Available in grey or navy (and be warned: some have complained that the navy pants and jackets don’t match).  A few pitfalls, but if you can dodge em’, it’s fantastic.  Full review here.


Billy Reid: Winter Sale
Left:  Once in a lifetime.

Left: Once in a lifetime perfect.  Right: Not bad now.

The Picks: Bowery Coat – $680.00, Laptop Sleeve – $116.00 ($165)

Good Grief.  That coat.  It’s like a longer version of the Skyfall peacoat.  That’s a lifetime goal piece of outerwear right there.  Meanwhile, the actually attainable laptop sleeve is for the complete minimalists.  There are two storage pouches on the inside, but that’s it.  Keeping it very simple.

Also worth a mention: jcp has a big clearance going on… might be worth stopping in-store if you’re in the area.  Brooks Brothers has also launched their winter clearance.  Zara’s winter sale is underway, with a couple of double breasted coats going for $160.  J. Crew has 30% off sale items w/ STYLE2013.  DSW has $20.13 off a $99 purchase or $40 off $199 w/ HAPPY2013