Quick Picks: The Allen Edmonds after holiday clearance

Including a mini "would you wear it?"

Allen Edmonds Clearance – Prices good through 1/13/13.

You got socks didn’t you.  Thrilling stuff.  But socks will only get you so far.  Your local 7/11 doesn’t proclaim “No shirt, no socks, no service” on the door.  Shoes.  You need em’.  And Allen Edmonds is trying to help you get over that threshold, into the land of slurpees and infinity hot dog grills, by way of their own clearance sale as well as some markdowns via Lands’ End.

Free shipping & returns is the norm through Allen Edmonds, but it looks like you’ll need to use the code SNOWFALL and pin 2030 to get free shipping through Lands’ End (extra % off discounts never apply to Allen Edmonds there).

Fifth Street – $247.00 ($350)
Top of the line suit boots.

Your suits want boots.

At the top and for good reason.  Heavens to Betsy that’s a boot.  Absolutely suit worthy.  Still quite a load on the wallet, but mid $200s for the 4×4 version of the Fifth Ave is a very nice price.  Unlike the Fifth Ave, the Fifth Street Boot picks up a medallion on the toe for that half brogue look.  Available in brown or black.


Strand (via Lands’ End) – $239.99 ($325)
AEs on sale at LE.

AEs on sale at LE.

Lands’ End just doesn’t put their selection of Allen Edmonds on sale all that often.  The walnut shade is pretty short on sizes, but they do carry the standard brown burnished as well (too bad it ain’t the Bourbon).  Is this the best price that Strands have ever gone for?  No.  Is it still a good deal?  Sure thing.


Yuma Bison Leather Work Boots (via Lands’ End) – $114.99 ($199)
Tough without too much bulk.

Tough without too much bulk.

The weather stinks right now.  Sloppy, but you don’t want to walk around on your downtime in a pair of Sorels.  You want a pair of boots that can handle some muck, but don’t need to get you to the south pole on an expedition.  These’ll work.  Especially at $115.  Bison leather.  Not made in the USA though.  Pretty sure these are made in the Dominican?


Sanford Cap Toe in Walnut or Black – $227.00 ($335)
Less flashy than Strands.

Less flashy than Strands.

Sanford*?  Looks a little bit like a derby (open lacing) version of the oxford Strand.  A little less imposing compared to the Strand though, and they’re built on different lasts (5 for Strand, 7 for the Sanford).  A closeout style.  Seen at the top of the page.  *Sidenote:  This Quincy Jones composed song is actually called “The Streetbeater“.  Makes a terrific appearance on 30 Rock too.


Eagle Country in Grey – $167.00 ($350)
Freak?  Or freakin' awesome?

Freak? Or freakin’ awesome?

Here’s a mini “would you wear it?”  Appears to be an attempt by Allen Edmonds to channel some Red-Wing-ish classic rugged style.  The grey leather?  Not so classic.  But don’t count it out.  Grey is versatile, especially since you’d wear these plenty with jeans.  A lot of us have a pair of go-to boots we wear in fall, winter, and early spring that fall short of gore-tex lined hikers on the technical side, but are tough and look better than good.  These might fit in that category for a great price when you consider the construction and quality.  Also available in black as well as tan, with the tan running a steep $279.  Also might want to read the one, disappointing review for the black pair.  UPDATE:  There were a boatload of sizes in the grey yesterday, but they seem to have disappeared from the Allen Edmonds site for the time being?  


Positano Loafer – $149.00 ($325)
Wrong season, right price.

Wrong season, but a decent price.

And on the opposite end of the casual spectrum from the Eagle Country boots would be these.  An elegant, Italian made (and influenced in design) loafer.  You have to be the type who can’t wait to wear a linen suit once the weather warms up.  Requires a bit of confidence to pull off.  Bologna construction, so they’re lightweight, flexible, but still re-craftable.  A warning, seems like these might run a little large.


MacNeil Wingtips (via Lands’ End) – $249.99 ($335)
These ARE your father's wingtips.

These ARE your father’s wingtips.

Longwing classics.  Classic enough that you’d think they’d be able to sneak into a fourth of July parade between the 57 Chevy’s and the Model Ts.


Dornoch in brown grain or wax infused leather – $197.00 ($295)
You'll pay a lot, but you'll get a lot.

You’ll pay a lot, but you’ll get a lot.

If the Positano is Italy, these are Midwest through and through.  Basic shape, tough looking leathers, and the expected Goodyear welted sole.  The no nonsense, casual man’s footwear splurge.

The after-holiday clearance prices at Allen Edmonds expire on 1/13/13.  The code SNOWFALL and pin 2030 (good for free shipping and some gift card promo thing) seems to expire today, 1/3.