Obama’s Shoe Problem, Leather, Ladies, and GIFs

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If  the pleather belt from earlier this week left a bad taste in your mouth (Ooh. Sexy…), feel free to check out the pleather free Leather 101 guide from the experts at Saddleback.  Now, many of us haven’t had that bad of an experience with lesser quality leathers, but it’s still worth getting acquainted with what type of leather is what.  Totally worth it for this opening line: “A hiker finds a cow dying in the wilderness. The cow dies.”  Bravo.

But what grade of leather, and what brand of shoe will be covering the President’s feet on Monday?  (hat tip to Solanum & Ricky for the tips on the articles)

Meanwhile, over at the much appreciated interwebs emporium, TheNanigans.com, GIFs a plenty for your Friday, plus the other usual yet unpredictable collection of world wide web consumables.

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Top Middle Photo Credit:  Will White