Most Wanted Affordable Style – January 2013

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Consider these to be power rankings.  Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or a quick upgrade for yourself, expect these to come around about once a month.  The best of the best, which you may or may not have seen already.  Agreements, disagreements, and additions are more than welcome in the comments section below.  Click here for the top 5 most wanted lists from previous months.  Top Photo Credit: andrew_j_w .

5. J. Crew Ludlow Herringbone Suit Jacket & Pant – $331.98* $409.98 ($620)
Lots of questions here.

Will the mystery pant match the jacket?

Something to keep an eye on here.  Looks like some suit pants just got restocked in tons of sizes over here, and at post time, there were jackets in 36R, 38R, 40R, and 44R.  Both are “preium wool” from the Italian mill Lanificio di Tollegno. Both are labeled as “Charcoal Herringbone”, and their descriptions are almost identical.  If they match, and if these make it to the next extra 30% off sale code… (quick math = $286.97)… well then that’d be something.  Got a set on the way to see if they are in fact a matching set.

*UPDATE:  Well that was fast.  STYLEFIND takes an extra 30% off sale items, but for some reason the pants are “Excluded from Promo”.  Something seems odd here.  Tread carefully.  Still don’t know if they’re an exact match.  Drops the total price to $332, which is a screamin’ deal if it works out.


4. Jack Spade Wesson Leather Davis Brief – $159.75 w/ MINUS25 ($425)
A serious case

A “you can take me seriously” work bag.

Finding a simple leather brief for under $175 can be a pain.  Luckily, Jack Spade has taken an additional 25% off all of their sale items with the code MINUS25 through 1/13.  The sale section is jam packed, and right at the top is this guy. Leather has a subtle cross-hatch pattern to it that gives it some depth.  Jack Spade stuff almost always has that “imported” tag on it, but it’s built pretty well and looks great.  Especially at this bit of an investment, but not budget crushing price.  Ships free.


3. Pewter Stopper Decanter – $49.99 ($69)
Just different enough.

Even cheap liquor looks better in one of these..

If you were lucky enough to get a bottle of something nice over the holidays, consider taking it out of that bottle and transferring it instead into something more table-top ready.  Less logos & labels, right?  Also particularily handy if you’ve got a liquor cabinet with shelves that are too short for some of the taller bottles.


2. Ciro Lendini Suede Chelsea Boots – $109.00 ($158)
Made in Italy that won't break the bank.

Clean mod style that won’t break the bank.

Mercanti Fiorentini is to DSW as Ciro Lendini is to YOOX.  In-house brands that make shoes in Italy for affordable prices and deliver better than average quality.  Deep brown suede here with those elastic gore sides that are a Chelsea boot hallmark.  No half sizes available.


1. BR Blue Birdseye Blazer – $225 | Grey Jacket & Pant$227.99 w/ BRSALE40 ($535)
One's not on sale, one very much is.

Blazer is $157.50 when 30% off.

For the Blazer:  First… it’s not really navy.  It’s more of a true blue that leans darker.  It’s a bit darker in person than the pics on Banana Republic’s website, but only a bit.  It’ll be lighter than most dark wash jeans as seen in the pic above (larger version here).  The birdseye patterned fabric is terrific.  It moves extremely well, and the true 2/3 roll for the buttons is a nice touch.  The sleeve buttons are functional, BUT… these sleeves seem to run pretty true in length.  No goofy long arms this time.  A 38R was showing a bit of shirtcuff on my 5’10” frame.  Center vent, and the interior back lining is a nice blue checkered cotton.  Sleeves are lined in poly.  Does have self-fabric elbow patches.

For the Suit: That shot isn’t the most flattering.  The jacket on the model has to be a size too big, and his arms are drowning in the sleeves.  That said, BR’s basic suiting line is one of the best when it comes to fused suits, and at this price, it’s got potential to be a fantastic deal.  Haven’t seen this particular ticket-pocket equipped version in person, but the tailored line has higher armholes, slimmer sides, and more often than not, surprisingly nice fabrics compared to other fused suits.  Lots of jacket sizes but the pants are a bit scattered.  One reviewer said it’s a shade darker in person.  Extra 40% off sale code BRSALE40 expires today.


BONUS: Original Penguin Bernardo Thermal – $19.99 – $41.99
One in every color please.

One in every color please.

You’ll never reach for that hooded sweatshirt ever again.  Y’know when you stumble across a shirt or sweater that fits perfectly and you want to buy backups just in case?  Right.  These fit incredibly well.  A medium fits a 165-170 torso spot on.  There’s no extra junk around the middle, they’ve got just enough spring to the medium weight fabric, and the waffle thermal-knit keeps them casual. They even manage to look decent over a button up. Hard to find, but going for as low as $20 via  Sizes are scattered.  They do sometimes show up on Gilt.