Makin’ it Rain, Testosterone, and 007 WIWT

For your Friday reading pleasure.

The defecation gently hit the ventilation system on Facebook last night when this article was linked to.  Admittedly, that ol’ dog of a post is worded pretty strongly.  Fair to say no one really notices when someone pays for a coffee or pack of gum with a card.  Just a few of us don’t want to if we don’t have to.

You think carrying cash is old fashioned?  Esquire goes all in with the Post Office.  (But about those vehicles)

Meanwhile, Brett over at AoM wants you to consider eating eggs for your, uh… eggs.

To all those in WIWT on Threads:  Vanity Fair just opened their Best Dressed List to everyone.  The New York Times breaks it down.  And for the rest of us who’d really rather not end up on that list?

Anonymity was the chief tool of his trade.  Every thread of his real identity that went on record in any file diminished his value… – James Bond.  “Live and Let Die”

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Top Photo Credit: Eduardo Merille